Premier League icon ‘called Babestation’ in hotel – and model recognised him

The former teammate of Premier League funny man Jimmy Bullard has described his surprise when the prankster rang Babestation – and the model on the phone recognised him.

Before becoming a regular presence on TV as the co-host of Soccer AM, Jimmy Bullard featured ninety times in the Premier League for sides including Fulham, Hull City and Wigan Athletic.

Despite his talent on the pitch, the maverick midfielder’s contributions were often overshadowed by his off-field antics, where he took part in pranks including smashing an ex-manager’s car and gifting a teammate “porn” as a present.

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Now David Stockdale, who played with Bullard at Fulham and Ipswich Town has praised the midfielder for his lively attitude, but revealed that he had been shocked by one of the playmaker’s stunts.

Speaking on the Under The Cosh podcast, Stockdale described how Bullard had arrived at Ipswich, before instantly insisting that he be roomed with his former Fulham teammate for hotels on away trips.

“We were watching Babestation in two single beds and he’s gone, ‘look, I know her’. I was like, ‘f*** off Jimmy’,” he remembered.

But, keen to prove that he was speaking the truth, the goalkeeper claimed that, to his surprise, Bullard decided to call the channel’s hotline.

One of Bullard’s former teammates recalled a hilarious encounter with a Babestation model

“He picks the phone up, ‘alright love, it’s Jimbo’. I’m thinking she’s not going to say anything, and she went, ‘alight Jimbo, how are you doing?’

“I’m thinking, ‘what the f***’s going on here?’ He was asking her to do mad s*** and I was like, ‘I still don’t believe it’s her, they do that all the time’.

Jimmy Bullard became known as a prankster during his playing days

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“I was like, ‘how did you meet her?’ and he went, ‘I rang her the other week’.”

As it happened, Bullard wound down his career at Ipswich, and only appeared 21 times for the side during the 2011 – 12 campaign. He subsequently moved to MK Dons, where he announced his retirement as a result of recurring injuries.