Dad threatened with ‘aggressive’ note on his van as vicious parking row erupts

A dad embroiled in a vicious parking row has spoken out after receiving written and verbal abuse for parking in a public street.

The bloke, from Bury, Greater Manchester, regularly parks his work van on the local road – but says he never blocks driveways. He also parks away from the properties whenever possible.

Despite this, an ‘aggressive’ note was left on his vehicle overnight in January, according to Manchester Evening News.

“You really are an inconsiderate w***er aren’t you. Move your van or else there will be trouble. Want to be a clever c**t and play games. Then games you will get,” it read.

The anonymous threat was left overnight (stock photo)
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Concerned by the aggressive note, he told the publication: “I don’t want any trouble. It’s frustrating because if I was parking directly outside somebody’s house or blocking the light into their lounge or anything like that, I wouldn’t do it.

“I’d understand if that was the case, because I wouldn’t like that myself.

“I always make a point to park on the end of the street, which is not obstructing anybody’s property. The only place I ever park outside a property, I’ve spoken to the resident who lives there and they’re fine with it.”

He added: “It does concern me. I’m also concerned about my van. Without my van I can’t work, and if they end up damaging it… just like everyone else at the minute with the cost of living, I can’t really afford to miss a couple of days work without my van.”

The resident, who has lived in Bury all his life, believes an increased number of cars in the area has created more competition for parking spaces, and that it is ‘a shame’ tensions have boiled over as the area is ‘a really nice place to live’.

The dad maintains that he has ‘as much right to park on the street as anybody else’ but also said that he understands ‘frustrations’.

“It’s difficult, particularly for those living on main roads, So it does spill out to the side streets,” he acknowledged. “I understand the frustration. If I’m causing anyone an issue, they’re more than welcome to knock on my door and ask me to move. It just seems unnecessary.”

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