Boris Johnson to become columnist in paper

'Boris Johnson's behaviour is an insult to all those who followed Covid rules'

The Daily Mail has confirmed that Boris Johnson will be joining the paper as a columnist, starting tomorrow.

In a video posted on Twitter, he says it will be “completely unexpurgated stuff”. But he jokes about covering politics “as little as possible”, implying it won’t be entirely Westminster focused.

He also says the column is going to be “exactly what I think”.

This may present a challenge. In their excellent book Johnson at 10, Anthony Seldon and Raymond Newell say that one of the many problems Johnson had as a prime minister was that he kept changing his mind. They quote one official as saying:

He wildly oscillated in what he thought. In one day he would have three meetings in which he would say three completely different things depending on who was present, and then deny that he had changed his position. It became difficult when he took a decision to know whether it would hold, and how much importance to give it, because so often he changed his mind, even on Covid.

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