‘My boyfriend would not make sizzling vids with me so I dumped him – work comes first’

A racy mannequin revealed it isn’t simple relationship when being a content material creator.

Kenzie Greaves, from Australia, earns hundreds from her risqué profession. However, regardless of the job raking within the money, it could actually usually put a pressure on her love life.

The 24-year-old opened up in an unique chat to Daily Star about why she’s comfortable to be single proper now. And she spilled the beans on how she ditched her ex-boyfriend as a result of he did not wish to make racy content material together with her.

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She instructed us: “Currently, I’m single. I ended issues with my current ex as a result of he wasn’t snug with OnlyFans, and he did not wish to be a part of the content material. Since I could not collaborate with others, it was unattainable for him to be in my life.

Kenzie Greaves poses in bikini
Her OnlyFans job can usually put a pressure on her love life

“I’m content being single for now; it makes life and work much simpler. I won’t give up my job for a man; I’ll wait for the right one who either understands the industry or wants to join me in it.”

Despite her job affecting her love life, Kenzie admits it is positively improved her financial institution steadiness, as she admits she’s ‘financially free’.

She stayed coy on the precise quantity she earns, however instructed us: “It’s definitely enough to live a stress-free life and do the things I enjoy without constantly worrying about finances. Time freedom is essential to me.”

Kenzie stated she’s made ‘no main splurges but’, however she has moved international locations and cities a few instances prior to now six months and loved a number of holidays – funded by her OnlyFans account.

Kenzie Greaves poses in blue bikini
Kenzie dumped her ex as he did not wish to make racy content material together with her

Kenzie Greaves poses in her mining uniform
She’s been in a position to stop her mining job after making a lot money on OnlyFans

She stated: “Now, I’m just living life, saving for travel next year, and maybe a house. I’m not in a rush to buy something expensive, and I’m not a materialistic person.”

Earning a lot on the location additionally meant she was in a position to stop her earlier mining job. Kenzie used to work as FIFO miner by day and an attractive mannequin by evening – however beforehand revealed her co-workers used to subscribe to her racy content material.

She began the job to provide her some extra revenue alongside her content material creator facet hustle. However, she didn’t anticipate to obtain sexually suggestive feedback from her coworkers simply days into the job.

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Kenzie Greaves poses in pink lingerie
She needs to purchase a home with earnings from her content material

Kenzie beforehand stated: “It was so wild, I was getting subscribers that were messaging me and telling me that ‘I looked hot at breakfast today’, or asking if I needed a new co-star who was working at the same site as me”.

The mannequin instructed was “thrilled to have left the average job scene”, including: “I’ve had my fair share of 9-5s, and they’re incredibly time-consuming, mentally and physically draining, with not-so-great pay. I wouldn’t go back to a 9-5 again.”

The stunner presently boasts 31,300 followers on Instagram and expenses admirers $15 (£12) a month for her even sexier content material over on OnlyFans.