Can plunging into an agonisingly chilly ice bathtub ease ache?

Sitting in an ice bathtub for 3 minutes a day, 5 days per week, is an unconventional remedy that the no-nonsense Holby City character, Dr Jac Naylor, is unlikely to have endorsed.

But actress Rosie Marcel, who performed the center surgeon within the widespread BBC drama for 16 years, is a devotee of the freezing dips to deal with the ache brought on by her uncommon autoimmune situation.

‘I am going numb when I’m within the ice bathtub – however you rapidly get used to it,’ says Rosie, 46, who lives in Hertfordshire together with her husband, Ben, 41, who owns a fitness center, and their daughter, Beau, eight.

‘When I get out of the ice bathtub my pores and skin’s vibrant pink. But then the endorphins and dopamine kick in – and I really feel unbelievable.’

Rosie takes ice baths to ease the signs of Behcet’s illness, an agonising immune situation that causes painful pink lumps all around the physique.

Actress Rosie Marcel, who played the heart surgeon in Holby City for 16 years, takes ice baths to tackle the pain caused by her rare autoimmune condition

Actress Rosie Marcel, who performed the center surgeon in Holby City for 16 years, takes ice baths to deal with the ache brought on by her uncommon autoimmune situation

Behcet’s syndrome, as it is also identified, is brought on by an over-reaction of the immune system, considered attributable to a mixture of genetic, immune and environmental components. As effectively as swollen lumps, signs can embody painful mouth and genital ulcers, stiff and painful joints, eye irritation (leading to pink eyes and blurred imaginative and prescient) and hypersensitive pores and skin.

Treatments embody steroids, immunosuppressants and biologic medicine (constituted of human or animal proteins, which scale back irritation), to ease signs.

In Rosie’s case it causes outbreaks of ‘painful onerous, pink lumps’ throughout her legs, ‘ranging in measurement from a 5p piece to a tennis ball’ in addition to ‘a great deal of mouth ulcers’.

First recognized with the situation in her 20s, she had been taking immuno- suppressants for almost 20 years, however with side-effects reminiscent of an elevated threat of infections (Rosie says she was continuously ailing), she determined to check out ice baths after studying concerning the potential advantages on social media.

Traditionally used for hundreds of years in Scandinavia and Russia for his or her ‘therapeutic’ properties, ice baths have turn out to be a social media development, popularised by Wim Hof, an endurance athlete who as soon as held the Guinness world report for swimming below ice.

Hof argues that chilly water and deep respiration can convey a number of advantages, together with dashing up metabolism to spice up weight reduction.

Rosie takes ice baths to ease the symptoms of Behcet's disease, an agonising immune condition that causes painful red lumps all over the body

Rosie takes ice baths to ease the signs of Behcet’s illness, an agonising immune situation that causes painful pink lumps all around the physique

Ice baths – actually bathtubs stuffed with icy water starting from 0c to 15c – can be found in gyms and spas, however may also be purchased for residence use. Some folks resort to filling wheelie bins with ice, in accordance with social media websites.

But whereas ice-bathing could promote emotions of elation and wellbeing, can it actually profit your well being? And what concerning the dangers?

The scientific proof for his or her advantages is way from conclusive.

Certainly, in terms of muscle restoration, the case is stronger, and elite athletes reminiscent of runners and footballers have lengthy used cold-water immersion remedy (together with ice baths and cold-water swimming) after intense coaching periods – it helps ease muscle irritation.

A overview of 17 trials (wherein the water temperature was 15c or decrease) by the distinguished Cochrane group concluded that the follow did scale back muscle soreness — however mentioned extra analysis was wanted as to its security.

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Pharmacist Ben Merriman says: ‘When the steadiness of fungal cells which naturally dwell on our pores and skin is upset – for instance, when our ft get too scorching and moist over a sustained interval – it creates the proper atmosphere for fungi to develop, inflicting athlete’s foot (signs embody itchiness, particularly between the toes, and flakiness or softening of the pores and skin). There are two predominant medical remedies: antifungals made with azoles (reminiscent of clotrimazole) or terbinafine. They work barely in a different way however in the end cease the fungal cells rising.

‘Any cream alone is not going to work with out good foot hygiene: this implies drying ft correctly, sporting non-synthetic socks and retaining toenails brief to scale back threat of an infection. Both merchandise right here comprise clotrimazole – I’d be blissful utilizing both, although the generic model is best worth for cash.’


Another, newer, overview revealed final yr within the journal Sports Medicine, discovered cold-water immersion remedy was efficient after high-intensity interval coaching (HIIT) amongst folks deemed bodily energetic or concerned in sport. Those utilizing it reported higher muscle energy and fewer soreness 24 hours after exercising than those that simply rested. Researchers famous that colder temperatures after HIIT may be more practical at eradicating the enzyme creatine kinase, a marker of irritation.

Beyond muscle restore, a 2022 overview of 194 research of cold-water swimmers, ice swimmers and ice-bath customers discovered they skilled a spread of well being advantages together with potential weight reduction, discount of blood fat and higher management of blood sugar ranges.

The researchers advised one cause for this may be as a result of chilly water prompts the physique’s shops of ‘good’ brown fats, which burns power within the type of fats to maintain the physique heat, and helps regulate blood sugar and fats metabolism. (By distinction, white fats, which makes up the best proportion of fats in your physique, shops power as fats.)

One of the overview’s authors, Professor James Mercer from the University of the Arctic Circle in Troms, Norway, instructed Good Health that it was onerous to attract particular conclusions as there was a lot variability between the research.

Although the folks he meets who use cold-water remedy all ‘swear by’ its advantages, he provides: ‘The jury remains to be out by way of the science behind cold-water immersion and extra high-quality analysis research are wanted’.

Any well being advantages could stem from the physique’s response to the chilly, explains Dr Mark Harper, a marketing consultant anaesthetist at Brighton and Sussex NHS Trust, and the creator of Chill: The Cold Water Swim Cure.

He says: ‘What occurs initially is that your physique tries to guard itself towards the chilly, so all of the blood vessels supplying the pores and skin, shut up, and the physique as an alternative concentrates on offering heat blood to the very important organs.’

He provides that irritation ranges drop over time because the physique adapts to cold-water immersion remedy.

Separately, cold-water swimming is being trialled as a possible remedy for melancholy.

Led by Dr Harper, the examine – which is below manner at Portsmouth University – will examine outside swimming with commonplace remedy for melancholy in 400 volunteers over two years.

The outcomes of the examine, which is being funded by the National Institute for Health and Care Research, the analysis funding arm of the NHS, are anticipated in 2026.

Although the precise mechanism just isn’t but clearly understood, cold-water remedy does appear to set off a rise in white blood cells, a part of the immune system, explains Professor Mercer, who has studied temperature regulation within the human physique for 50 years.

'I go numb when I'm in the ice bath - but you quickly get used to it,' says Rosie Marcel, 46 (pictured)

‘I am going numb when I’m within the ice bathtub – however you rapidly get used to it,’ says Rosie Marcel, 46 (pictured)

Dr Fadi Jouhra, a marketing consultant heart specialist at St George’s University Hospital and the Harley Street Clinic in London, says the very fact cold-water immersion stimulates manufacturing of immune cells – notably interleukin-6, B and T cells – might assist with auto-inflammatory circumstances, reminiscent of Behcet’s, by lowering irritation.

Although he stresses there are at the moment no trials to assist this, and he cannot but suggest it based mostly on the science, he provides: ‘Behcet’s is a really tough situation to deal with, so if you may get aid on this manner, it may be price a strive if you have no coronary heart circumstances.’ (This is as a result of the center could battle to deal with the sudden enhance in blood strain and coronary heart price brought on by cold-water immersion.)

Rosie began having chilly showers final yr after Holby City ended. She was so happy with the outcomes, she purchased an ice bathtub. ‘I’d say ice baths improved my Behcet’s signs by 95 per cent,’ she says.

‘Maybe it is partly the placebo impact, however I’m so a lot better. Now if I get any lumps on my arms or legs, they’re smaller and go away round 75 per cent faster than they did earlier than.

‘I’m additionally considerably more healthy – I get the occasional chilly, nevertheless it by no means lasts lengthy.’

But specialists agree it is too early to suggest cold-water remedy, and there are potential dangers.

Dr Heather Massey, a senior lecturer in sport well being and train science at Portsmouth University, says that though some folks could expertise well being advantages from cold-water immersion, ‘the extent of proof is not adequate to suggest it’.

The downsides embody ‘very painful, chilly, numb and swollen fingers and ft’, and worse – ‘folks have had cardiac arrests going into chilly water in addition to strokes. In most circumstances these involved had an underlying coronary heart or different medical situation, and whereas some could concentrate on their situation, others could not’.

Dr Massey advises checking your well being standing with a health care provider earlier than making an attempt an ice bathtub.

Having one other particular person readily available if you experiment with cold-water immersion could also be a good suggestion should you really feel uncertain, ‘in order that should you get into issue, there are folks readily available to assist you’.