‘I’m 55 with no feminine mates and by no means been to a marriage – magnificence is a curse’

A 55-year-old mum believes she has no feminine mates as “magnificence is a curse.”

Fran Sawyer, from Basingstoke, finds it tough to keep up friendships with girls – and has by no means even been invited to a wedding ceremony earlier than.

She’s even scowled at when she does the varsity run, which she thinks is because of her glamorous look. Fran additionally has bucket a great deal of confidence, which does not at all times go down nicely with members of the identical intercourse.

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Speaking completely to Daily Star about her gal pal woes, she defined: “Women just judge me, everyone judges me. They judge me because I’m glamorous, and when you’re glamorous and attractive it’s really hard as you just want to be liked and you never will be.

“If they have been assured they wouldn’t fear about it, however I make an effort with them as a result of possibly I’m so assured that I strive as they’re a bit insecure. I strive my hardest to make mates, however it simply doesn’t work out.”

Fran Sawyer
Fran Sawyer is 55 and has by no means been invited to a marriage

Despite placing within the effort, Fran’s makes an attempt at making any bonds with different girls show unsuccessful. She even claimed to have been advised to maneuver away from the varsity gates from a previous headteacher as she was “upsetting the ladies” together with her presence.

In the previous, not having a detailed circle of feminine mates would “hurt” her. But, Fran – who raised £100,000 for charity together with her horny selfies – now refuses to let it faze her.

She determined the explanation behind her unlucky experiences with girls are right down to jealousy. “I think the internet has gotten easier but the women are jealous,” Fran mentioned with regard to her on-line social media presence.

She alleged: “I could wear no makeup go in a pub and women don’t like me. I used to go to the school gates – my son went to a private school – and the headmistress would say to me ‘you’re upsetting the other ladies, can you park down the road.’

“I used to essentially damage me and one thing clicked in my mind and I assumed ‘I’m fairly particular I’m going to boost all that cash and provides them one thing to speak about’.

Fran Sawyer
She would not have any feminine mates

Fran Sawyer
The remedy from different girls used to upset her, however she’s not fazed by what anybody has to say

“And that’s what I did. I used to go up to the school and stand on my own because no one would talk to me.

“I’m a little bit of a gobs***e, I’m assured however I don’t suppose I’m Miss World as a result of I’m grounded. But I haven’t significantly obtained girls mates and in that case, they don’t invite me out with their different mates.

“And I’ve never been invited to a wedding, it’s really weird.”

At the age of 55, Fran has gained a variety of knowledge on the subject of coping with those that choose her. Although she does try to uplift girls of her era, she would not at all times get the identical remedy again.

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Fran Sawyer
Is Fran’s magnificence a curse?

Fran expressed: “I look it like this, if they haven’t got my phone number and they don’t know me – I don’t worry about other people’s opinions.

“I had fairly a number of girls saying ‘why are you doing sexy stories at 50, you should be ashamed of yourself. But I’ve worn the s*** badge for years and I’m fairly happy with that

“As my mum says, they wouldn’t be able to do it and they’re in their 40s, so why worry about them!

“Maybe magnificence is a curse. But I feel it’s a confidence factor, beneath I guess they’re pondering ‘I want to be like Fran’ as a result of I don’t give a s***.”

Fran – who has 115,000 Instagram followers – doesn’t just struggle with women. She’s also been pretty unlucky in love too.

She has been celibate for seven years after struggling to find a man her own age after she found solely 18-21-year-olds lads have been – and though she’s had a whole lot of proposals, many turned out to be seedy.