Scotland unveils genius nicknames for street gritters and individuals are cracking up

Scotland will get greater than its fair proportion of snow so its no shock Scots take pleasure in naming their street gritters every winter – and this 12 months’s monikers actually have individuals cracking up.

Transport Scotland operates greater than 200 gritters and in 2020 launched an enchantment to call its fleet of gritters, which obtained greater than 1,200 on-line entries.

This 12 months Scots exercised their creativity with the vans protecting 400 miles of Scotland’s trunk roads from Glasgow to Dumfries and thru to Ayr and Stranraer ending up with some extraordinary, and infrequently hilarious, names.

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Some of the standout nicknames embrace Keanu Freeze, Gritney Spears, Double Snow 7, BFG [Big Friendly Gritter], Licence To Chill and Sir David Attenbrrrrrr.

A reside map of the gritters in motion has gone viral on X, with Scots taking pleasure within the inventive names and others expressing their sheer wonderment at them.

Some have even declared it the most effective a part of winter in Scotland, with @trevormwilson posting: “The best part about winter in Scotland – the live Gritter Tracker.”

You're a Blizzard, Harry
You’re a Blizzard, Harry

“Please tell me these are genuinely the names of the Scottish gritter trucks,” wrote Bookaholic Bex, to which Kate Henry replied: “Yup, they are! Nothing like the Scots sense of humour. Gritney Spears might be my favourite!”

Another chimed in: “Woke up at 3 and for some reason, to pass the time, I’m watching a Gritter Tracker from Scotland. Some cracking names here.”

A Harry Potter fan was very proud of the ‘You’re a Blizzard, Harry’ and Lord Coldemort gritter names, whereas one other added: “For a lighter laugh to brighten your day, look up the names given to the necessary diesel gritters in Scotland, like Gritter Thunberg, Gritney Spears!”

She's a Melter!
She’s a Melter!

Scotland’s genius gritter names:

  • Charles RennIce MackinSlush

  • Sleetwood Mac

  • Keanu Freeze

  • Calvin Harr-Ice

  • Melter Skelter

  • Robert Brrrns

  • Tam o’ Salter

  • Spreddie Van Halen

  • Sir Grits Hoy

Sir David Attenbrrrrrr
Sir David Attenbrrrrrr

  • Sweet Child O’ Brine

  • Creedence Clear-Road Survival

  • She is a Melter!

  • Skid Vicious

  • You’re a Blizzard, Harry

  • Lord Coldemort

  • Carrie Bradthaw

  • Grittin’ On Wae It

  • Brinestone Ploughboy

  • Freeze Witherspoon

  • Chun-Ski: Street Gritter

  • Icesweeper Willie

  • Spray Charles

  • Grits You Thru

  • Yes Sir, Ice Can Boogie

  • Buzz Iceclear

  • Betty White-Out

  • Snowey Tribbiani

  • Sir David Attenbrrrrrr

  • Jack Jarv-Ice & Victor McSprayed

  • Gritney Spears

  • Gritter Thunberg

  • Snowing Me, Snowing You

Calvin Harr-ice
Calvin Harr-ice

A gritter tracker is on the market on Traffic Scotland’s web site the place you may hold monitor of the place they’ve all been.

You can place your entries for subsequent 12 months right here.

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