All we learnt from Boris Johnson at Covid Inquiry together with sweary WhatsApps

Boris Johnson was shamed into silence on the Covid Inquiry as he was pressured to hearken to proof that he needed to let the virus “rip” in Autumn 2020.

The ex-Prime Minister rejected the thought he backed this technique – regardless of being offered with claims he was “obsessed with older people accepting their fate”. The conflict got here as he endured a second Covid Inquiry interrogation, the place he was quizzed on tiers guidelines and the choice to delay the second lockdown.

He was additionally questioned over the Partygate scandal that led to his early exit from No10 as WhatsApps confirmed he boasted the Government would “come out on top”. Mr Johnson was jeered as he left the Inquiry tonight, as protesters outdoors shouted “murderer” and “shame on you”.

Rishi Sunak, who was Chancellor all through the Covid disaster and spearheaded the controversial Eat Out to Help Out scheme, will take the stand underneath oath on the Covid Inquiry on Monday subsequent week.

Here are the important thing moments from Mr Johnson’s gruelling day of proof.

Protesters outside the Covid-19 Inquiry at Dorland House, in west London, as Boris Johnson gave evidence
Protesters outdoors the Covid-19 Inquiry at Dorland House, in west London, as Boris Johnson gave proof

Boris Johnson boasted he would ‘get by means of’ Partygate and ‘come out on prime’

Boris Johnson boasted on WhatsApp that he would “get through” the Partygate scandal and “come out on top”, the Covid Inquiry heard. The Mirror first uncovered the lockdown-busting gatherings held in No10 with our entrance web page, “Boris Party Broke Covid Rules”, on December 1 2021 – which paved the best way for his political downfall.

Evidence confirmed the ex-PM exchanged messages with Cabinet Secretary Simon Case over the difficulty over two weeks later, on December 17 2021. Mr Johnson wrote: “Cab sec I am really sorry this thing is now causing you any kind of grief at all. The whole business is insane. We will get through it and come out on top.”

Mr Case was pressured to step down from his position investigating lockdown-busting events inside No10 after it emerged a gathering had been held in his personal workplace. Mr Johnson additionally advised Mr Case: “In retrospect all of us ought to have advised individuals… to consider their behaviour in quantity ten and the way it will look. But now we should smash on.”

Asked if it confirmed he didn’t care in regards to the rule-breaking, Mr Johnson advised the Covid Inquiry: “I did care.” He added: “Yes, I think that we could have done more in No10 to insist that people thought about the way their behaviour would be perceived by others.

“I made this point repeatedly to the various inquiries that have been held already into this matter. We should have thought about what it would look like to have people out in the garden when other people were not allowed in the garden even though the garden was being used as a place of work.”

Former PM Boris Johnson was grilled on the Partygate scandal
Former PM Boris Johnson was grilled on the Partygate scandal
Ian Vogler / Daily Mirror)

Dominic Cummings’ Barnard Castle journey was a ‘unhealthy second’, Boris Johnson admitted

Boris Johnson admitted that the row over Dominic Cummings breaking lockdown on his notorious journey to Barnard Castle was a “bad moment”. The Mirror broke the story that the PM’s prime aide had pushed 264 miles from London to his mother and father’ property in Durham in March 2020 regardless of having coronavirus signs.

Mr Johnson advised the Inquiry: “It was a bad moment, I won’t pretend otherwise. But actually, I think that what happened thereafter was fascinating in that whatever the rights and wrongs of that position I took on that episode, people continued to want us to get on with the job of fixing the pandemic.”

Dominic Cummings admitted to going to Co Durham during the first lockdown
Dominic Cummings admitted to going to Co Durham through the first lockdown
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The Inquiry beforehand heard claims Mr Johnson needed to hurry to scrap Covid restrictions as a distraction to distract from Mr Cummings’s rule-breaking In a diary entry two days after the Mirror revealed its scoop in May 2020, Sir Patrick Vallance warned that Mr Cummings’ journey was “clearly against the rules”.

The-then Chief Scientific Adviser wrote: “PM seems very bullish and wants to have everything released sooner and more extremely than we would. Wants to divert from the DC (Dominic Cummings) fiasco.”

Boris Johnson loses his cool over ‘let it rip’ comments

The ex-PM was confronted over claims he was willing to “let it [Covid] rip” as those who would die had had “an excellent innings”. The PM sat silently and appeared visibly irritated as the Inquiry’s lead counsel Hugo Keith KC read out a series of offensive details in evidence.

In one diary entry from Sir Patrick Vallance in August 2020, he said Mr Johnson was “obsessive about older individuals accepting their destiny and letting the younger get on with life and the financial system going”. In another entry from October, the top scientist said the-then PM was “obsessive about the common age of dying being 82”. Later, in May 2021, Sir Patrick wrote: “PM assembly – Cx (Chancellor, then Rishi Sunak) instantly pipes up on incentives already in place. Argues that we should always let it rip a bit.”

But Mr Johnson told the Inquiry: “If you take a look at what we really did, by no means thoughts the accounts that you’ve got culled from individuals’s jottings from conferences that I’ve been in, in case you take a look at what I really mentioned and what I really did, there’s an abundance of citation from me, tens of millions of phrases that I’ve spoken in Parliament or in press conferences or no matter, in case you take a look at what we really did, we went into lockdown as quickly as we may for the primary time spherical.

He added: “We sensibly went for a regional approach when the disease picked up again, and then again went into lockdown on October 30/31. “I believe, frankly, it doesn’t do justice to what we did – our ideas, our feeling, my ideas, my emotions, to say that we have been remotely reconciled to fatalities throughout the nation or that I believed that it was acceptable to let it rip.”

Boris Johnson appeared to blame Wales’ high Covid rate on ‘singing and obesity’

A bizarre entry from Sir Patrick Vallance’s diary claims Mr Johnson blamed high Covid numbers in Wales on the “singing and weight problems”. The extract from September 2020 appears to show the-then Prime Minister callously joking about soaring cases of the virus in Wales.

Notes from the Chief Scientific Adviser show concern about the virus heading into the winter, with an upward spike in case in care homes. “Here we go once more,” Sir Patrick wrote. His notes say hospital admissions have been starting to extend and NHS England boss mentioned Covid admissions have been starting to double. Sir Patrick added: “Wales very excessive – PM says ‘It’s the singing and the weight problems… I by no means mentioned that’.

Boris Johnson ranted “F*** YOU Daily Mail” over rule of six

The former PM apologised to the Inquiry for saying “F*** YOU Daily Mail” in a rant in regards to the rule of six through the pandemic. As instances of the virus have been starting to spike once more, Sir Patrick Vallance claimed the PM mentioned, “we need to remember the grim history of March”.

His diary extract provides: “[PM] Called for package of actions. Hancock says ‘we have care home winter plan. PM ‘everyone says rule of 6 so unfair, punishing the young, but F*** YOU Daily Mail – look this is all about stopping deaths. We need to tell them'”.

Appearing embarrassed, Mr Johnson advised the Covid Inquiry: “I apologise for my language”. He additionally apologised to the Daily Mail – however mentioned there should have been one thing the newspaper revealed on the time over the rule of six that had “wound me up”.

Mr Johnson landed a job as a high-profile columnist for the newspaper solely days after he resigned as an MP over a damning Partygate report from the Privileges Committee. It is known he’ll acquired round £1million for the column over two years.

Tiers system did not work however was ‘price a attempt’, Boris Johnson mentioned

Mr Johnson acknowledged that the regional tier system – launched in Autumn 2020 – didn’t work, however mentioned it was “worth a try”. The former PM, who dominated out a two-week circuit breaker lockdown regardless of the recommendation of officers, advised the Inquiry: “I thought a regional approach could still save us”.

He mentioned: “I want to try to just remind everybody of the context, but when we’re coming out of the first lockdown, because what’s happening is that the disease is very diversely spread over the country. And there are parts of the UK where it’s barely present.

“Some locations, sadly, Leicester, some components of the north barely got here out of restrictions all through 2020. And so the query would have been, can we proceed with nationwide measures the entire time… that might simply write off 2020.

Counsel to the Inquiry Hugo Keith KC mentioned: “In the event, the tiers as we know didn’t work.” Mr Johnson replied: “Well they didn’t and I’m very sad about that, but I think that they were logically, rationally – as we came out of the restrictions in the summer – they were, they were worth a try. The former PM also claimed not to remember his former Health Secretary Matt Hancock suggesting at the time the tiered system would not work when it was announced.