Bloke’s two-headed snake remains to be going robust regardless of having to ‘pressure feed’ it

A snake born with two heads at odds of one-in-100,000 remains to be defying science seven months on.

Breeder, Aden Johnson did not anticipate his pet to outlive for thus lengthy however vowed to do his greatest to maintain it alive. And his laborious work is paying off as he shared an replace on his YouTube channel, attracting hundreds of views and reams of feedback.

One fascinated viewer stated: “That’s awesome they are doing so well.” While one wrote: “You should do a feeding video and see which head goes for the meal first.”

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Aden, who runs ADJexotics based mostly in Wisconsin replied: “Neither head will actually go for the meal. I have to force feed these guys.”

Another fan commented: “The care and attention that goes into an animal like that is something I admire.”

Aden posts regular updates about his pet
Aden posts common updates about his pet

While one stated: “It seems like the left head controls the body and the right is just hitching along for the ride. I could be wrong though.”

One surprised individual even commented: “Holy sh*t wtf?”

To which Aden replied: “That’s what I said when it popped out of the egg.”

Last yr, the Daily Star reported how Aden was shocked when his first clutch of bull snake eggs hatched – with one rising from an unusually giant shell with two heads.

The uncommon reptile hatched in July at odds of one-in-100,000. It ought to have been twins however the embryo didn’t cut up main to 2 heads and one physique.

Aden admits he has to 'force feed' the heads individually
Aden admits he has to ‘pressure feed’ the heads individually

Revealing his new pet in considered one of his first movies of it, Aden stated: “It’s alive and it’s moving, both heads are breathing. I doubt it’s going to survive but we’re going to set up a cage and we’re going to see if we can keep this guy alive.”

He provides: “You see he’s rattling his tail, both heads are alive and that kink in the spine is the only kink I see.

“He has bother shifting round and stuff. I do not know which head’s doing what.”

As the snake writhes around he said : “He’s hissing, being defensive, each heads are good. I really feel like for a two-headed snake he got here out fairly f*****g wholesome.”

Later within the video, the snake heads seem to attempt to pull the physique alternative ways.

Aden didn't expect it to survive this long
Aden did not anticipate it to outlive this lengthy

Aden provides: “It seems like a big issue for them, they are coiling -I don’t know if that’s neurological or if they are trying to ball up and can’t – it looks like the heads are fighting to run the body.

“They appear reactive and so they appear wholesome – as a lot as I need them to outlive I really feel like it may be a tough life for them it doesn’t matter what.”

Snakes born with two heads tend to have a shorter lifespan, partly due to struggles eating.

In America two-headed snakes can sell for a lot of money.

Asked about whether it was male or female, Aden replied: “I’m uncertain of gender as of proper now. And I’ve not named them. There has been some fairly good identify recommendations although.”

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