9 attractive alien encounters, from nineteenth century paint romp to ‘interspecies courting’

Millions of us will likely be hoping for some “out of this world” loving over the following few days, as we gear up for probably the most romantic date within the calendar – February 14.

But some fired-up folks have taken their ardour to paranormal ranges. For the primary half in our Weird Valentine’s Week sequence, James Moore reveals those that claimed to have had shut encounters of the eerie type – from alien nookie to smooching with ghosts…

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Aliens like to abduct humans for sex, apparently (stock)
Aliens wish to abduct people for intercourse, apparently (inventory)

Flying Saucy

In October 1957, Brazilian farmer Antonio Villas Boas was in one among his fields at night time when an egg-shaped UFO with pink lights instantly descended from the sky and landed close by. Seized by a gaggle of 5ft beings the 23-year-old claimed to have been taken aboard their spacecraft and was then compelled to have intercourse with a phenomenal blonde alien with cat-like eyes.

Emanuela Rose fell in love with alien recommends others do the same if they’re ‘tired of men’

Boas stated that afterwards she rubbed her stomach and pointed to the sky, suggesting she was going to have his child in area. He was then escorted off the ship earlier than it shot again into the heavens.

ET is FAB in mattress

Actress Emanuela Rose, previously referred to as Abbie Bela, was ‘abducted’ by 5 aliens when their UFO projected a beam of yellow mild onto her East London flat in 2021. On board she claims to have met her future alien lover Emanuel and started courting the invisible entity a yr in the past – even altering her identify to mirror his.

Emanuela Rose had a very intimate encounter
Emanuela Rose had a really intimate encounter

She revealed that they’ve since loved galactical degree intercourse saying: “I have to say once you go alien, you’ll forget Earth men.”
Now Emanuela is hoping to normalise ‘interspecies dating’.

XXX File

After his first alien encounter aged eight, American pensioner David Huggins says an alien referred to as Crescent took his virginity at 17 throughout an encounter in some woods.

David Hugginsm claims to have lost his virginity to an extraterrestrial being as a young man
David Hugginsm claims to have misplaced his virginity to an extraterrestrial being as a younger man

The divorced father-of-one from New Jersey within the US, claims to have since fathered a whole bunch of alien offspring with the raven-haired magnificence and paints photos of her, saying: “She had a very nice body. The only thing that was different about her was that she had very long fingernails and she had these very large eyes, and her face was very pale.”

Spectre cut up

Singer-songwriter Brocarde, met Edwardo, stated to be the spirit of a Victorian soldier, after a ghostly encounter in her Oxfordshire residence on a stormy night time in 2021. They wed, with the bride – all in black – on Halloween in a derelict chapel in 2022, however the unearthly relationship hit the rocks inside months.

Brocarde, a singer and songwriter from Oxfordshire, fell in love with Edwardo, the ghost of a Victorian soldier
Brocarde, a singer and songwriter from Oxfordshire, fell in love with Edwardo, the ghost of a Victorian soldier

The 38-year-old claimed Edwardo grew to become cosy with the ghost of Hollywood bombshell Marilyn Monroe, received drunk and have become ‘obsessive’ resulting in a ‘divorce’ and exorcism.

Hubby’s King of Pop-ped off

He was recognized for the spooky hit Thriller, and American Kathleen Roberts as soon as claimed to be married to singer Michael Jackson’s ghost. The star died aged 50 in 2009.

The medium believes he proposed to her ‘clairvoyantly’ with a ‘pink engagement ring’ and even that he likes to make use of her physique to bop, sing, and eat, including: “He stays possessed in me.”

Plane loopy for woo

In 2020 British counsellor Amethyst Realm revealed that she had been courting a ghost referred to as Ray and that they’d loved steamy romps – together with one in a aircraft rest room. The 32-year-old even claimed they’d grow to be engaged, however that she had referred to as off their wedding ceremony throughout a vacation to Thailand after he “fell in with a bad crowd” within the spirit world.

But she nonetheless thinks courting ghouls is cool and reckons intercourse with them is, “way more satisfying than any I’ve had with ordinary men.”

Art to imagine?

Writer Sian Jameson advised how she was seduced by the spirit of a person who emerged from a nineteenth century portrait hanging on the wall of the traditional Welsh cottage she was staying in.

Sian Jameson says she had sex with a “handsome” man she had spotted in an historic painting.
Sian Jameson says she had intercourse with a “handsome” man she had noticed in an historic portray.

The 26-year-old has not too long ago cut up from a boyfriend and says she woke as much as discover a good-looking man referred to as Robert in quaint breeches mendacity subsequent to her. They made love a number of occasions and he or she revealed that the “sex was amazing.”

Fangs for the reminiscences

Colombian lady Paola Florez claims to have begun a relationship with a ghost 20 years in the past, when the spirit got here to her, admitting she was initially scared. But they started having intercourse and, she says, fell in love.

Paola Flórez said her relationship with the spirit started when she was young
Paola Flórez stated her relationship with the spirit began when she was younger

However, she not too long ago determined to dump her phantom lover when she caught a glimpse of the big male determine’s terrifying type, “with fangs and the face of a gargoyle.”

Ghost busty

Playboy mannequin Anna Nicole Smith, famed for her 36DD chest, as soon as stated: “A ghost would crawl up my leg and have intercourse with me at an condominium a very long time in the past in Texas.

Anna Nicole Smith made a bold claim about ghost sex
Anna Nicole Smith made a daring declare about ghost intercourse

She stated: “I was freaked out about it, but then I was, like, ‘Well, you know what? He’s never hurt me and he gave me some amazing sex so I have no problem.’”

The star herself died at 39 in 2007 and her personal ghost has been sighted within the Florida resort the place she handed on.

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