Britain’s ‘roughest property’ branded a ‘struggle zone’ with children ‘stabbed on daily basis’

A run-down housing property has been likened to war-torn Ukraine with individuals “stabbed every day” and residents too scared to exit at evening.

One YouTuber mentioned the Blakenall Heath property, which has against the law price double the UK common, “felt and smelt dangerous”.

But urban explorer Wendall, who has family roots in the much-maligned Walsall region, visited the area himself in hope of restoring the area’s image – with mixed results.

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Locals told him that there are “kids being stabbed every f*****g day” around Blakenall Heath, especially in run-down Dawson street, which has been described as a “Hell Hole.”

Urban explorer Wendall
Wendall was advised to maintain his digital camera out of sight if he did not need to be ‘cheffed up’

Wendall was warned to maintain his video digital camera out of sight as he toured the world, in case he was noticed by one of many native gangs and “cheffed up” – slang for being stabbed. He factors out that “over half the shops are boarded up” within the city centre and that virtually everybody he speaks to warns him about knife crime.

Wendall says that for each semi-derelict property, with deserted fridges and mattresses in its backyard, there are two or three completely well-kept ones. But there’s no denying that the world is in a surprising state.

estate vandals
Locals say there is a stabbing ‘on daily basis’

Local resident Andy Bloxham, 38, advised Birmingham Live: “”Its a shame as there’s some lovely people here, we’ve just got more than our fair share of mindless idiots bringing the area down.

“People shouldn’t be living in fear in their own homes. Its been a year since our little estate first made headlines and since then nothing has changed.”

“It’s still the same. If anything these gangs see being named Britain’s roughest estate as a badge of honour.”

Blakenall Heath estate 'Britain's roughest'
Gangs of youths roam the world with no worry of police

Blakenall Heath definitely doesn’t welcome outsiders. Another resident advised Wendall that the world might be harmful, however “it depends who you are, and where you’re from”.

One native Wendall spoke to mentioned he by no means went out at evening because of the menace of feral road gangs. “I don’t go out at night, put it that way,” he mentioned. Explaining that there was an excessive amount of hassle on the streets, particularly after darkish, he added: “I just stray out of the way.”

Blakenall Heath estate 'Britain's roughest'
Wendall mentioned he felt sorry for individuals who pay their taxes, and nonetheless must dwell with this desolation

Another native complained that the world had turn into a “no-go zone” for police as a result of their squad vehicles get pelted with bricks. One mentioned: “It has got to the point where we are scared to leave our homes even in the daytime.

“The place has simply quickly declined into virtually a state of lawlessness because the pandemic. Before then we did have points however to not the dimensions we’re seeing now. It’s like a struggle zone on the market at occasions.

“It’s simply diabolical – however that is Blakenhall for you. It’s turn into a no-go zone for police and that’s what is most worrying. You simply do not exit after 3pm.”

estate vandals
Gangs of native youths appear decided to destroy their very own surroundings

Gangs of youths collect exterior outlets and harass workers even within the daytime. One nameless shopkeeper advised native press: “I have lost staff members who just can’t face being abused on a daily basis.

“They are available in and steal eggs after which use these eggs to pelt the store. We get racially abused too, we have simply had sufficient.”

Wendall tried to ask chip shop shop staff about the notorious pigeon-throwing incident but they were reluctant to speak about it for fear of reprisals.

Earlier this month, West Midlands Police issued dispersal orders covering part of the estate in a response to yobs throwing bricks at police and residents’ cars.

estate vandals
Local police have been unable to catch or deter the vandals

Locals beforehand advised how their lives had been blighted by violence and anti-social behaviour and they’re too scared to depart their properties – even within the daytime. It adopted a string of incidents together with arson assaults, fly-tipping, thefts, assaults, racist assaults and vandalism.

A 13-year-old boy was additionally left completely blind after being stabbed within the eye exterior a fish and chip store in Blakenall final August.

Local councillor Pete Smith has described the property as “like something from war-torn Ukraine.” He added: “There was also this poor pigeon that had its head ripped off outside a shop before they pulled its wings off and just ripped it to pieces.”

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