Nigel Farage’s fatherly warning stopped me ingesting myself to dying

HE might not but be as a lot of a family identify as a few of his GB News colleagues – Eamonn Holmes, Jacob Rees-Mogg and, in fact, Nigel Farage, to call a couple of. 

But anchorman Patrick Christys could be very a lot tipped for fulfillment, having been an everyday fixture on the channel since its launch in 2021 and just lately touchdown a flagship each day present.

The 32-year-old from Cheshire is engaged to well-known political pundit Emily Carver, and GB News bosses have excessive hopes the couple could possibly be ‘the next Richard and Judy’.

But right now, Patrick has made the bizarre determination to come back clear about one thing terribly private: for years, he has waged a secret battle with alcohol habit. Until just lately he ‘led a double life,’ he says – a rising star reporter with ‘another full time job… drinking all day, every day. I was a complete and utter mess’.

Astonishingly, he managed to juggle a frankly surprising booze behavior – it appears unbelievable, however he tells me he was able to downing a number of bottles of wine in minutes – with nearly each day appearances on dwell TV.

Perhaps much more baffling are claims he’s discovered no purpose for his kamikaze behaviour – no childhood trauma or darkish secret.

GB News anchorman Patrick Christys, pictured with his fiancée and political pundit Emily Carver said he was capable of downing multiple bottles of wine in minutes

GB News anchorman Patrick Christys, pictured along with his fiancée and political pundit Emily Carver stated he was able to downing a number of bottles of wine in minutes

Mr Christys, 32, described his one- bedroom flat in Maidenhead as ‘like a crack den’ and said at home he 'mostly downed spirits' but would never go to the pub with colleagues

Mr Christys, 32, described his one- bed room flat in Maidenhead as ‘like a crack den’ and stated at dwelling he ‘largely downed spirits’ however would by no means go to the pub with colleagues

Before and after: Mr Christys spent a month in rehab, and regular Alcoholics Anonymous meetings help keep him on an even keel
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Before and after: Mr Christys spent a month in rehab, and common Alcoholics Anonymous conferences assist hold him on a good keel

Patrick says his ingesting was carried out nearly completely in non-public. He was by no means a social drinker and didn’t go to the pub with colleagues.

Instead, he’d disguise within the practice bathroom on his morning commute, swigging from cans of ready-mixed gin and tonic or ‘topping myself up’ from bottles of wine hidden in a hold-all he saved below his desk on the GB News workplace.

‘I was never really drunk during the day, but I drank constantly,’ he admits. ‘I’d come off air at about noon on the time and there could be a couple of conferences or I’d be masking one other present.

‘But once I knew I was done, I’d go dwelling, draw the curtains and see how a lot booze I may pour down myself. My bosses had no thought. No one did.’

Well, nearly nobody. Patrick has now kicked the behavior – he spent a month in rehab, and common Alcoholics Anonymous conferences assist hold him on a good keel. And his restoration is partly due to Nigel Farage – who did spot the younger presenter was going off the rails and intervened.

Mr Christys (right) with Nigel Farage and other members of the GB News team during the King's Coronation in May last year

Mr Christys (proper) with Nigel Farage and different members of the GB News staff in the course of the King’s Coronation in May final yr

Patrick has determined to go public within the hope that he’ll encourage others dealing with related challenges to hunt assist earlier than it’s too late.

‘If I hadn’t stopped after I did, I’ve little question I might be lifeless,’ he confesses, bluntly.

‘Toward the end, before I went into rehab, I barely slept. I had constant chest pain. I was always chewing Rennies [acid indigestion reliefs] and chugging Gaviscon.

‘I’d stand up at 8am and rush to the toilet to throw up. I used to be mentioning blood, however then I’d have a swig of one thing.

‘It sounds insane, but I couldn’t hold meals and even water down till I’d had a gin. That appeared to calm every little thing down.’

At dwelling he largely downed spirits. ‘Nothing else had any effect,’ he continues, describing his one- bed room flat in Maidenhead as ‘like a crack den’.

Mr Christys, from Cheshire, said his drinking was carried out almost entirely in private and he would drink cans of ready-mixed gin and tonic in train toilets during his morning commute

Mr Christys, from Cheshire, stated his ingesting was carried out nearly completely in non-public and he would drink cans of ready-mixed gin and tonic in practice bogs throughout his morning commute

The GB News presenter said Mr Farage phoned him one morning and said he had a 'bright career' ahead of him, but that he was going to 'f*** it up' if he carried on drinking too much

The GB News presenter stated Mr Farage phoned him one morning and stated he had a ‘shiny profession’ forward of him, however that he was going to ‘f*** it up’ if he carried on ingesting an excessive amount of

‘There were bottles in the cupboards and all over the floor. There was booze everywhere. Once I’d had a drink, I’d prepare for work and depart the home.

‘I never washed my clothes, so I looked a state. Even on a cold day I’d be dripping with sweat. On the best way to the station I’d purchase a couple of of these little cans of gin and tonic. The journey from Maidenhead to Paddington is about 20 minutes, and I’d lock myself within the bogs on the practice and drink them.

‘Then I’d drop into the M&S reverse work and get a bottle of wine and a pair extra of these tinnies to place in my bag. I’d take swigs at my desk all through the day.

‘I didn’t throw away empty bottles or cans, so my bag – this big brown journey bag – was stuffed with them. I jingled after I walked. I aimed to throw them away, however then I’d go to the store and get extra.’

I recommend that being in a busy TV newsroom is hardly a working surroundings the place you possibly can afford to be off your sport – so how did he handle it?

‘I became absolutely incredible at hiding and lying,’ he explains. ‘It was always on my mind that if I got found out, I’d get sacked and lose every little thing. When there’s that a lot driving on it, it’s superb what you’re able to.’

Patrick acknowledges that ‘this will probably sound quite shocking, and as if I must have been legless all the time’. But he provides: ‘The drinking was just keeping me on a level. I don’t suppose I used to be ever visibly drunk or slurring my phrases. There have been no massive ups and downs, only a fixed form of numbness. And as a result of I used to be a bit p****d your complete time, everybody simply thought that was who I used to be.’

Alcohol: The info 

  • Almost 10,000 individuals in England die every year on account of alcoholspecific causes, in accordance with the Office for National Statistics. 
  • Alcohol is a causal issue in additional than 60 medical circumstances, together with cancers, hypertension, cirrhosis of the liver and melancholy. 



Before I met Patrick on the West London residence he shares with Emily, I spent a while delving into his again catalogue on YouTube. It’s superb how totally different he seems to be – the Patrick Christys of just some years in the past is a cheeky-yet-dishevelled type of character. But he’s proper – there’s no indication he was downing gins earlier than happening air.

Since quitting alcohol, Patrick has misplaced 4 stone. But earlier than this transformation he introduced the common slot Challenge Christys, the place he’d be tasked with stunts that normally appeared to play on the truth that he was clearly not in the very best form. He’d attempt his hand at gymnastics, for example – the gag being the very fact he was poured right into a Lycra bodysuit and bodily incapable of the duties set earlier than him.

In April 2022 he agreed to ‘bare all’ for charity with male strip troupe Dreamboys – and promised to slim down beforehand.

‘On some level, I think I hoped that promising to lose weight for charity might be a catalyst to stop me drinking, but I realised I couldn’t even go an hour with out one,’ says Patrick.

The name from Farage got here shortly after this.

‘My phone rang one day. It was Nigel. We’ve at all times received on very well. He stated, “Can I give you a bit of fatherly advice?” I accepted, in fact, and he stated, “I know you’re drinking too much.” ’

It was, admits Patrick, a sobering second. ‘He knew what I was up to – I’m not saying he’s received an issue with alcohol, however he is aware of an issue drinker when he sees one. He may inform I used to be ingesting earlier than happening air.

‘He told me that I had a bright career ahead of me, and that I was going to f*** it up. I suppose if Nigel Farage is telling you you’re ingesting an excessive amount of, then you definately undoubtedly have an issue.’

Was Emily – who he’d been relationship since assembly each other as panellists on Mike Graham’s TalkTV present Plank Of The Week in 2020 – not additionally conscious of his drawback?

‘At the time she was still living with her parents, although we were planning to buy a flat together. If she was coming round for dinner, I’d desperately clear the place up.

‘We’d share a bottle of wine however I’d have already had three or 4 bottles earlier than she arrived. I’d then make an excuse to go to the store and down one other bottle outdoors. As far as she’d be involved, we’d simply had a couple of glasses over dinner.’

Mr Christys on GB News outside Buckingham Palace presenting during the coronation of King Charles III in May last year

Mr Christys on GB News outdoors Buckingham Palace presenting in the course of the coronation of King Charles III in May final yr

If she questioned him, he’d merely lie. ‘On the odd occasion I forgot to take the bins out, she would see it was stuffed with empty bottles. I’d declare they have been from ages in the past. Or if she did confront me and say she thought I used to be ingesting an excessive amount of, I’d make some hole promise to chop again.

‘I’m not saying she was oblivious, however it’s simple to maintain individuals in the dead of night in regards to the quantity you’re really ingesting.’

He breaks off, falling silent, then says: ‘Honestly, I have no idea why she was with me. I was 16-and-a-half stone, bloated and sweating. Everything I had to wear was dirty and had holes in it.

‘We’ve clearly talked about it loads since, and she or he says she beloved me and knew I beloved her. Emily is probably the most rational, logical, type, caring particular person. And I believe by then she recognised that I had an sickness. That it was me, plus an habit.’

The crunch got here at a Carver household barbecue in June 2022. ‘By the time I arrived at about 10am I’d already had half a bottle of gin,’ recollects Patrick.

‘At some point I said I was popping to the shop, where I bought more gin and downed it. At that stage I believed I couldn’t get drunk any extra, however it simply hit me.’

Unsurprisingly, his reminiscences of that day are hazy.

‘I was apparently slurring my words and falling off my chair. Emily sent me upstairs and I passed out in her bed. Emily’s mum referred to as my mum and pop, informed them what was happening and that they needed to get right down to London. The subsequent day I went again there after work and located my dad and mom, Emily’s dad and mom and Emily all sitting there. It was an intervention, mainly.

‘Emily and I were about to complete on a flat purchase, and she said she couldn’t undergo with it. That was the second I actually accepted that I had an issue.

‘I physically couldn’t keep it up, waking up throwing up blood, feeling horrendous. I knew I couldn’t get away with it at work any extra after that decision from Nigel.

‘We started ringing around rehab clinics and found one that would take me the next day.’

After arriving on the clinic got here the method of detoxing. Alcohol is a sedative, and extended consumption alters the conventional functioning of the mind. If it’s immediately withdrawn, the shock can set off anxiousness, irritability and even seizures.

Patrick says: ‘When I arrived, I saw a doctor and they did a load of tests. I was given seizure medication and anti-anxiety medication. You stay in a room with a single bed and they check on you every hour to make sure you’ve not had a match.

‘It was Emily’s thirtieth birthday sooner or later in the course of the first few days there, and I simply keep in mind sitting in that room on the finish of the mattress simply crying uncontrollably.’

He says he desires to clarify that his bosses at GB News ‘had no idea’ what had been happening.

‘They weren’t placing me on air realizing I had an issue,’ he reveals. ‘I didn’t inform them I used to be going to rehab. I stated I wanted to take time without work for my psychological well being, that I used to be ingesting an excessive amount of and I couldn’t do it any extra. I believe they have been confused greater than something – they actually didn’t know.’

The night time earlier than going into rehab, Patrick received a name from GB News chief govt Angelos Frangopoulos.

‘Before I may converse he stated, “I am calling as a mate, not your boss. I want you to know you can take as long as you want, and we’ll be waiting for you when you come back. We have big plans for you.” He didn’t ask any questions.’

Patrick’s clearly a bit choked up by this. Did it come as a shock to find that he had a lot assist, I ask?

‘For me, my career is everything,’ he solutions. ‘I put a huge amount of my self-worth in how well I’m doing. I can’t actually let you know what it meant to me. It was such a reduction.’

Indeed, Patrick was supplied a promotion three weeks into his stint in rehab.

‘Angelos called again and said he wanted to give me the drive-time show, 3pm to 6pm every day.

‘I thought I was hallucinating. I’m in all probability the one one who’s ever had a promotion whereas in rehab. After that, the main target was on getting Emily to stick with me, as a result of that was on the fence, rightly so.’

Patrick says he threw himself into getting clear.

The GB News presenter said the best advice he received 'was to stop thinking about why, and just accept you’re an alcoholic.’

The GB News presenter stated the very best recommendation he acquired ‘was to cease interested by why, and simply settle for you’re an alcoholic.’

‘It was like going back to school,’ he says. ‘You have five therapy sessions a day, some of them alone and some in groups. In there I met people who were homeless and people who were incredibly wealthy – you quickly realise that we’re all the identical.

‘The things people would say in group sessions would sound shocking to most people – one guy told a story about hiding a bottle of alcohol in an urn that contained his nan’s ashes. But if you happen to regarded round we have been all nodding, as a result of it’s one thing we’d have performed too, or worse.’

Patrick spent 4 weeks as an inpatient in July 2022, after which an extra fortnight again at his dad and mom’ place. He was going to each day AA conferences at first. It’s now one per week, with each day check-ins along with his sponsor.

Emily, he says, learn The Big Book – the well-known Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step programme. ‘I think it helped her understand better why I was the way I was. And, crucially, I was absolutely begging for forgiveness. I asked her to marry me as soon as I could afford a ring.’

The couple introduced their engagement final yr.

So why does Patrick suppose he was the best way he was? He appears stumped.

‘There were a lot of people in rehab with very obvious life trauma. But my parents have only offered me unconditional love and support. There’s no historical past of alcoholism within the household.

‘When I was a teenager and in my early 20s I was a bit of a party animal, but nothing out of the ordinary. I got a job as a night news editor – my shift ended at 6am and we’d all go to the pub after, which eliminated that psychological barrier to ingesting within the morning.

‘But the best advice I got was to stop thinking about why, and just accept you’re an alcoholic.’

Alongside Emily – and Nigel – Patrick credit his mum, a former dancer, and pop, who ran a textile manufacturing unit in Manchester, for his restoration. ‘They paid for me to go to rehab for a start,’ he says.

They had been conscious of his struggles, however Patrick admits he lied to them, too. ‘They’d see me having one or two glasses of wine with dinner however the actuality was I’d be hiding within the bushes or behind the bins outdoors ingesting extra,’ he says.

‘I wasn’t seeing any adverse penalties of my ingesting. If something, I used to be considering, “I can live like this, being an absolute animal and keep working.” I felt like I used to be getting away with it.’

He is aware of simply how fortunate he’s to have emerged unscathed. His each day exercise-routine helps him keep targeted on restoration, he provides.

‘You see it all in rehab – people who are completely wet-brained, in their 60s and just gone. People dying of liver cirrhosis or their organs shutting down in their 40s.

‘Everybody from rehab apart from me and one other guy has relapsed. Three or four have died. But I’ve had exams and I’m superb.’

He is satisfied it’s all behind him, however accepts: ‘My addiction will always be there. I’ll by no means be cured, however now I’ve the instruments to handle it. I take pleasure in waking up and never being hungover and paranoid. I like remembering every little thing that occurred the night time earlier than.

‘There are times I think it’d be good to have a glass of wine with a night meal, however actually I don’t need one glass, I wish to drink completely every little thing all of sudden till it runs out. I do know if I do, I’ll burn my life to the bottom.’

Patrick says he’s snug with sobriety – and is able to share his story. ‘Everyone who matters already knows, and I hope that someone who reads this can see how bad I was, and realise there might be a way out for them. You can draw a line, and there are people out there that can help.

‘Things can get better.’

Worried about your individual or another person’s ingesting? Call Drinkline, free and in confidence, on 0300 123 1110, or Drinkline Scotland on 0800 7314 314