Oxbridge ‘croquet hooligans’ went on boozy rampage – p*ssing to sliding in beer

Boozed-up Cambridge University croquet hooligans allegedly went on the rampage on a visit to lethal rivals Oxford.

They are mentioned to have drunk beer via funnels, slid via swimming pools of spilt ale in a bar and urinated of their altering rooms. The males’s soccer staff and combined croquet squad at St John’s College are believed to have been given 134 hours of group service by college bosses after the sports activities day swap with Oxford final time period.

Student newspaper Varsity reported the scholars have been hauled earlier than the school dean Dr Nick Friedman for his or her yob-like behaviour whereas visiting Balliol College. Recorded on Oxford’s CCTV, Johnians have been allegedly seen battering the grounds, trashing Balliol College’s bar, committing poor behaviour throughout matches, and leaving damaged glass, mud and urine within the altering rooms.

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Chaotic scenes took place at Oxford's Balliol College
Chaotic scenes occurred at Oxford’s Balliol College

It was additionally claimed {that a} member of the alternative staff was even referred to as a “midget”. In an e-mail addressed to the lads’s and combined groups’ captains, Dr Friedman requested the captains to “attend an urgent meeting with the Dean”.

Dr Friedman had been contacted by the Domestic Bursar of Balliol, who expressed his “upset at the condition in which St John’s sports teams left the changing rooms”.

The dean included an inventory of allegations made by Baliol in his e-mail: “The males’s altering room was reportedly left ‘trashed’ with massive quantities of garbage, together with damaged glass, all around the flooring. It appeared that somebody had urinated on the altering room flooring. Rubbish was additionally left on the pitch, which our college students have been requested to wash up however didn’t.

Who knew the croquet world was so . . . feisty
Who knew the croquet world was so . . . feisty

“Some of our men’s team verbally abused the Balliol football team, and in general showed little to no respect for Balliol’s facilities or people. The security staff reported our students drinking beer through funnels, and then sliding on beer spilt on the floor.

“The majority of the cleaning up was done by Balliol students, who were horrified to discover the situation in the early hours of Sunday morning.”

A spokeswoman for St John’s mentioned: “A thorough investigation was carried out into the allegations made against St John’s students and although there was some behaviour that did not meet our standards, it was not as initially reported. Members of St John’s are expected to abide by the College’s code of conduct and anyone who does not may be subject to our disciplinary process.”

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