RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: Militant Islam and anti-Semitism are on the march

What is it with Rochdale? This former textile city on the outskirts of Greater Manchester was once often known as the birthplace of Gracie Fields and a punchline on the tip of the categorised soccer outcomes learn by James Alexander Gordon.

Rochdale, NIL.

It was additionally well-known because the parliamentary seat of that different novelty Northern nonce, Cyril Smith, who blazed a path for the predominantly Pakistani grooming gangs convicted of committing serial intercourse offences towards under-age women a number of years in the past.

Nice one, Cyril.

Smith was a Liberal, however most of us of a sure age would consider Rochdale, had been we ever to think about it in any respect, as considered one of Blake’s ‘dark satanic mills’ citadels, a Lowry portray of a working-class Labour stronghold from these depressing British New Wave black-and-white films of the Fifties and early Nineteen Sixties, which had been such a characteristic of moist Sunday afternoons on the BBC after we had been rising up.

The final time Rochdale hit the political headlines was when Gordon Brown was compelled to apologise for raging towards a ‘bigoted woman’ referred to as Gillian Duffy, who had the audacity to query him in regards to the rising degree of immigration throughout the 2010 common election marketing campaign.

Coincidentally, Gordon was introduced out of his field this week to sentence Rishi Sunak for ‘degrading’ and ‘dehumanising’ remarks about Keir Starmer’s refusal to acknowledge that girls don’t have penises.

The idea that Azhar Ali’s vile, racist slur was a slip of the tongue, on a par with Gordon’s ‘bigot’ outburst in the midst of one of his regular, impromptu phone-throwing tantrums, is simply preposterous, writes Richard Littlejohn

The concept that Azhar Ali’s vile, racist slur was a slip of the tongue, on a par with Gordon’s ‘bigot’ outburst within the midst of considered one of his common, impromptu phone-throwing tantrums, is solely preposterous, writes Richard Littlejohn

(And there’s one other a type of sentences which I assumed I’d by no means learn, not to mention write.)

Today Rochdale is entrance web page information once more as a result of the Labour candidate within the upcoming by-election has claimed that Israel intentionally allowed the October 7 Hamas bloodbath to occur with a purpose to justify invading Gaza.

This is the sort of paranoid conspiracy idea which in different circumstances would get somebody sectioned below the Mental Health Act and confined to a room with rubber partitions, sporting a jacket which buttons up on the again.

Yet Azhar Ali, the archetypal Corbynite headbanger Starmer is meant to have banished, stays the official Labour candidate. Too late to take away him from the poll, we’re informed. Oh expensive, how unhappy, by no means thoughts.

Anyway, Comical Ali has apologised. So that’s all proper, then. The insincerity is breathtaking. I’m reminded of the previous joke in regards to the Australian marriage ceremony.

Just earlier than vows are about to be exchanged, the vicar tells the assembled con-gregation: ‘The wedding’s off. The finest man has simply (had sexual relations with, fill in your individual euphemism) the bride.’

As the company are shuffling out of the church, the vicar rushes again and tells them: ‘No worries. The wedding’s on once more. He’s apologised.’

The concept that Azhar Ali’s vile, racist slur was a slip of the tongue, on a par with Gordon’s ‘bigot’ outburst within the midst of considered one of his common, impromptu phone-throwing tantrums, is solely preposterous.

His remarks had been made at a proper assembly of the Lancashire Labour Party. There’s no proof of anybody current taking him to job. Indeed, Labour’s Levelling Up spokesman Lisa Nandy was glad to hitch him on the stump simply hours after he was compelled to apologise.

Starmer has stayed schtum. The solely official noise popping out of Labour HQ is that if Ali is elected, he may have the whip withdrawn earlier than he takes his seat.

That’s if he wins. The result’s doubtful as a result of Palestinian fanboy ‘Gorgeous’ George Galloway can also be standing on a nakedly anti-Israel ticket in Rochdale, the place 30 per cent of the citizens is Muslim.

Galloway was kicked out of Labour by Tony Blair after calling on British troops to disobey orders throughout the Iraq warfare. He has since stood towards Labour in numerous guises and with blended outcomes, from Bradford to East London.

One can solely assume that Ali’s insane rant about Israel encouraging genocide towards its personal inhabitants was designed to counter the specter of Galloway splitting the Left-wing vote.

It can be straightforward to dismiss this insanity as an internecine squabble in a faraway constituency about which we all know little, to paraphrase Neville Chamberlain on Czechoslovakia earlier than the outbreak of World War II.

But the ructions in Rochdale are merely symptomatic of a wider, and deeply troubling, improvement in British politics.

Whoever thought {that a} by-election in a suburb of Greater Manchester can be fought not on state of the NHS, or the worth of fish, or no matter home challenge you care to say, however on taking sides over a warfare within the Middle East?

But come the overall election later this 12 months, that’s going to be the stark actuality in lots of constituencies throughout Britain. There at the moment are estimated to be round 4 million Muslim voters right here, who might decide the end result in various seats, particularly within the internal cities and throughout the North and Midlands.

The reality {that a} third of voters in Rochdale are Muslim provides you some thought of how mass immigration has modified this nation’s demographics in so many areas.

Of far better concern is the rampant anti-Semitism being fostered by an unholy alliance of the Hard Left and militant Islam, one thing I first recognized as way back as 2007.

In a Saturday Essay for this newspaper, and a documentary for Channel 4, I warned that anti-Jewish sentiment, as soon as the protect of the Far Right, was now coming from the other political route.

Back then, it was effervescent away below the floor, all over the place from radical mosques within the West Midlands to trendy Guardianista dinner events in North London’s Islington and Camden, Starmer’s heartland.

Today it’s entrance and centre, on the streets in Central London and elsewhere. If it’s Saturday, it should be ‘From the river to the sea’ time in Trafalgar Square.

Anti-semitism infests our faculty campuses. In Leeds, an Israeli lecturer and his household have been compelled into hiding after receiving dying threats. In Birmingham and Manchester, Jewish college students are being terrorised, whereas the ultra-sensitive police are reluctant to make arrests as a result of it’d upset ‘community relations’.

Richard Littlejohn's column in the Mail in July  2007 warning of a 'sinister reversal of history'

Richard Littlejohn’s column within the Mail in July  2007 warning of a ‘sinister reversal of historical past’

Even 16 years in the past, the proof was there if anybody cared to look. In Manchester, I visited King David School, the place Jewish pupils needed to be protected by fences, CCTV and full-time safety guards. Special patrols had been mounted to guard worshippers strolling to and from synagogues.

Which brings us full circle again to Rochdale, the place we got here in. Re-reading that Saturday Essay, I used to be reminded that I’d additionally interviewed Lorna Fitzsimons, the previous Labour MP for Rochdale.

During the 2005 common election, she was considered one of various MPs focused for his or her assist of Blair’s warfare in Iraq. An outfit calling itself the Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPAC) – principally a few brothers with a fax machine above a kebab store – revealed leaflets ‘accusing’ her of being Jewish, although she isn’t.

Ms Fitzsimons informed me: ‘They said I was part of the world neo-Con Zionist conspiracy. I think it’s deeply insidious and worrying that they felt there was a lot anti-Semitism in the local people that it will galvanise the vote.’

In the occasion, she misplaced her seat by a number of hundred votes and was satisfied that the MPAC smear marketing campaign swung it.

As Gerry Adams stated of the IRA in different circumstances, the anti-Semites haven’t gone away, you understand.

They’re on the market in Rochdale, campaigning brazenly, whether or not rabble-rouser Galloway or Labour candidate Azhar Ali.

Gordon Brown referred to as a Rochdale voter a ‘bigoted woman’. This 12 months’s official Labour candidate is a bigoted man.

And Starmer, the person who can be our subsequent Prime Minister and whose personal spouse is Jewish, is trapped like a rabbit within the head-lights of an accelerating juggernaut.

My documentary was timed to commemorate the anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street, the place Jews and trades unionists mixed in 1936 to halt a march by Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists via the East End of London.

Today, pro-Hamas fascists are given a police escort to parade via Central London each week, spouting hatred and dying to the Jews.

Islamism and anti-Semitism is on the march, lockstep, in trendy Britain. Today Rochdale, tomorrow the world. Heaven is aware of what Gracie Fields would have product of it.