Kitchen and toilet are most definitely rooms to be the supply of a foul odor

Over half of house-proud Brits (56%) say the kitchen is the room of their home the place an disagreeable odor is most definitely to be discovered – with 46% saying smelly bin baggage are the worst stench to have lingering in regards to the house.

Other disagreeable smells that persons are eager to keep away from embrace gone-off meals (29%), a pet litter tray (26%), or soiled laundry (7%).

And elsewhere within the house, the toilet is one other prime suspect for unwelcome odours, based on 45% – with half saying that bathroom odours are among the many nastiest stinks, whereas one in 10 really feel the identical about moist towels.

In order to attempt to banish these smells, 72% will crack open a window, whereas 51% will spray an air freshener, or use a plug-in scented system (25%). However, the examine of two,000 adults discovered that one in 5 fear about unhealthy smells hanging round of their house.

And 88% really feel it is extremely essential that their house smells good, even when it is simply them at house – however this determine rises to 9 in 10 when persons are internet hosting visitors.

But nearly nine in 10 feel it is important for their home to smell nice, even if it is just for themselves
But practically 9 in 10 really feel it is necessary for his or her house to odor good, even whether it is only for themselves

A spokesman for Febreze, which commissioned the analysis to help the launch of a brand new system for its Air Mist air freshener, stated: “We know that unwanted smells can ruin the day.

“Even if you’re not having people over, you don’t want to be in a situation where you’re having to put up with unexpected stinks at home.

“And if you do have an unexpected guest, it can be embarrassing trying to either pretend the smell isn’t there, or desperately trying to explain it away.”

The examine additionally discovered that in terms of making scent impression, we’re most definitely to need to achieve this for buddies (61%), strangers (36%), and oldsters (32%).

Fresh and clear (51%) is the popular odour of selection for air fresheners, forward of citrusy (16%) and floral (15%).

But the analysis, carried out by way of OnePoll, discovered it’s not simply worrying about opinions – as smells within the house additionally have an effect on folks’s wellbeing, with six in 10 admitting it will possibly affect their temper. As such, 64% are looking out for brand new and fascinating methods to make our properties odor higher.

Our obsession with scents interprets to different folks’s properties, too – though 28% admit they’re too well mannered to level out if one other particular person’s house has a foul odor.

The spokesman for Febreze, whose merchandise can be found in B&M shops, added: “Fighting bad odours shouldn’t be a chore. Whether you’re at home on your own, or in the company of others, no-one wants bad smells lingering.

“That’s why so many people act quickly to get rid of those smells, because our homes should be a place of comfort – not stinking of sewage.”


  1. Sewage (62%)
  2. Toilet odours (50%)
  3. Smelly bin baggage (46%)
  4. Cigarette smoke (45%)
  5. Gone-off meals (29%)
  6. Pet litter tray (26%)
  7. Pet odours (23%)
  8. Cooked fish (20%)
  9. Smelly footwear (18%)
  10. Raw fish (16%)
  11. Smelly fridge (15%)
  12. Musty carpets (11%)
  13. Wet towels (10%)
  14. Fried meals (9%)
  15. Mould within the toilet (8%)
  16. Dirty laundry (7%)
  17. Musty laundry (6%)
  18. Used sports activities kits i.e. gymnasium, soccer, and so forth. (5%)
  19. Dirty dishwasher (5%)
  20. Paint fumes (5%)