Boris Johnson’s prime adviser offers brutal evaluation of Tory election possibilities

One of Boris Johnson’s former advisers has warned there’s little Rishi Sunak can do to keep away from getting booted out of Downing Street on the election.

Lee Cain, who labored as No10 Director of Communications, mentioned the Conservatives are in for a “pretty heavy defeat”. The PR guru who now runs his personal agency Charlesbye Strategy mentioned the PM had failed to enhance a difficult scenario.

Asked if Mr Sunak would lose his get together’s seats within the so-called Red Wall, he advised Times Radio: “I feel the issue for the Tory Party is much greater than a specific demographic. If anybody who sat in as many focus teams and resembling I’ve over the past 12 months or so, will let you know that the nation simply desires change.

“I think, Rishi Sunak inherited a very difficult, difficult task after the sort of Liz Truss era and the end of Boris’s era. But he certainly hasn’t improved the situation. And I think fundamentally the Tory Party is in for a pretty heavy defeat at the next election. And at this point I don’t think there’s a huge amount that can be done to turn the tide, so I would expect a pretty large Labour majority.”

Mr Cain said he believed it would be unlikely that Mr Johnson could beat Keir Starmer. “Boris is undoubtedly a formidable campaigner, but I think if you’re looking to lead your party into an election, you first have to remain in office,” he mentioned. “Character is future, I feel typically. And I feel, I imply, Boris will most likely admit himself, he most likely let himself down in some areas. But he is an extremely proficient politician, an amazing campaigner, and I’m positive he is nonetheless received loads extra to supply.”

The latest polling shows Mr Starmer remains more popular with the public than Mr Sunak and continues to be seen as having a better understanding of the problems facing the country. The survey by Ipsos shows 30% of voters view the Labour leader favourably, a two-point increase since January, while his unfavourable rating remained unchanged at 41%.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister’s favourability has dropped four points to 20% and 54% see him unfavourably.When asked about various character traits, Sir Keir Starmer was well ahead of the Prime Minister on understanding the problems facing Britain, with 47% saying this is the case for the leader of the Opposition and 27% saying the same for Rishi Sunak.

Mr Starmer also maintained similar leads over the Prime Minister when voters were asked who is in touch with ordinary people, who has a plan to improve the country, and also when they were questioned on leadership qualities.