’52st physique crushed me and I used to be branded lazy – however I proved trolls incorrect’

A as soon as morbidly overweight girl from has shared how she misplaced half her physique weight after medical doctors gave her simply two months to dwell.

At solely 5 toes tall (1.524 metres) and weighing 730lbs (52st), Nikki Aguayo’s weight was actually crushing her from the within out.

In 2022, Nikki’s coronary heart began failing. She was rushed to hospital and placed on oxygen. Doctors gave her a harrowing prognosis: just some months to dwell.

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“I was told I wouldn’t live past December 2023,” recalled Nikki, from Arizona, US, who works as a dispatcher. “As a single mum, the thought of leaving my two daughters behind was unbearable. It was this maternal instinct, coupled with a spark of hope, that ignited my will to fight for my life.”

Nikki Aguayo poses for a photo before her weight loss
Her weight was actually crushing her from the within out

Since childhood, Nikki has had an advanced relationship with meals. “People often have a lot to say, thinking they know why someone might be overweight, labelling us as lazy or assuming all we do is sit around munching on junk food,” she stated.

“Sure, some stereotypes have a grain of truth, but it’s not the whole story. There’s often a lot of mental and emotional stuff going on behind the scenes that people don’t see.

“Throughout my life, I’ve endured a sequence of traumatic experiences. All of those traumas led me to hunt consolation in meals.

“The challenge with food addiction, unlike other addictions, is that temptation lurks on nearly every corner, from fast-food chains to convenience stores, making it a constant battle.”

Over the previous yr, Nikki has been working exhausting to vary her relationship with meals. She has realized to recognise and resist the urge for pointless second helpings and to be okay with not feeling hungry.

Nikki Aguayo poses for a photo before her weight loss
Nikki was rushed to hospital when her coronary heart began failing

Numerous way of life adjustments have led to her dropping greater than 33 lbs (24st) and shedding 292 inches (741cm) off her physique. To date, Nikkie has dropped two costume sizes.

“I’ve steered clear of surgeries and medical interventions, choosing a more natural path instead,” she stated. “My daily routine includes drinking two protein shakes, complemented by fruits, greens, collagen, and an elixir product. These have helped my overall health and even made my hair grow.

“Despite incorporating these merchandise, I have never restricted myself from having fun with common meals. I firmly consider moderately over restriction. Telling myself I can not have one thing solely will increase the craving, so as a substitute, I deal with portion management, which has been a game-changer for me.

“Stress still gets to me, and I find myself struggling with food choices during those times. Life’s been a bit of a rollercoaster.There were days I just couldn’t eat much and ended up living off protein bars.”

Nikki Aguayo poses for a photo before and after her weight loss
Nikki did not need her two daughters to develop up with no mum

Nikki says there’s ‘no magic recipe’ for shedding the kilos and admits her weight has ‘been far and wide’ since she began making an attempt to slim down. However, she says making an attempt various things, like fasting or chopping again on carbs, has taught er loads.

“While indulging in sweets like doughnuts, cakes, or Twinkies is tempting, it’s important to prioritise healthier choices like fruits, proteins, and vegetables,” she stated.

“I don’t believe in extreme dietary restrictions, such as completely cutting out carbs or sugars. It’s about setting realistic expectations and not depriving oneself of the occasional treat, like a cup of rice or a tortilla, because absolute denial can lead to stronger cravings.”

Nikki Aguayo doing exercise
Nikki has been working with a coach

Nikki Aguayo working out on a treadmill
She is determining what train and meals work finest for her

Nikki lately went again to the hospital for an EKG to see whether or not her coronary heart had improved and stated medical doctors could not consider how a lot weight she’d misplaced.

“The other day, I managed to put on a bra without needing an extender and let me tell you, it felt amazing,” she stated. “It made me realise all the little things I’d taken for granted.”

Encouraged by her daughter, Nikki took a daring step to share her weight reduction journey on-line, by no means anticipating the ripple impact it will create. With every put up, Nikki peeled again the layers of her wrestle, sharing her journey’s uncooked and trustworthy moments.

She stated: “I’m very open on social media. I’ve done videos detailing how my weight has fluctuated and spoken candidly about setbacks I’ve faced, like climbing back up to 568lbs (41st).”

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Nikki Aguayo poses for a photo before and after her weight loss
Nikki has to this point managed to lose half her physique weight

Nikki has been working with a coach who has helped her work out what meals and train work finest for her. “My main focus right now is improving my ability to walk more comfortably and stand for longer periods,” she stated. “I dream of strolling through malls and shops without my joints burning and constantly searching for a place to sit.”

Looking to the longer term, Nikki has stated her physique is a piece in progress. She stated: “Every day, I’m one step closer to my goal weight.

“I do know I nonetheless have an extended method to go, however with each pound that comes off, I get to dwell life once more. My message to others eager to reclaim their life is to by no means surrender.”