Brits have been pooing all improper says prime bum physician as he warns us ‘do not wipe’

A poo boffin is recommending we ditch bog roll and take a “post-poop shower” instead.

Millions of Brits are harming themselves by not pooing properly, according to top bum doctor Evan Goldstein.

His tips include not reading for too long while on the loo, avoiding over-wiping and being aware the overuse of wet wipes can cause irritations. Dr Goldstein said: “You should use a bidet or take a post-poop shower, as it introduces far less friction.

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Woman sitting on the toilet holding toilet paper
Using toilet paper is also a no go, warns the doc (stock)

“If you must use paper, buy the cushiest ply you can afford and pat, don’t wipe.”

Dr Goldstein said it should take a maximum of a minute to poo adding reading while on the loo is a no-no as “it’s not good for you to spend so much time on the toilet”.

The bum guru says there is no set rule about how often a healthy person should poo.

But he urged people not to force it, adding: “Every time you put pressure on that area, you risk injury.”

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