Brits worry Burger King-loving peacock is signal pigeons have been ‘gentrified’

A peacock “scavenging” for grub outside a Burger King has baffled Brits, with some suggesting it’s a sign of pigeons becoming “gentrified”.

The majestic bird was snapped lurking outside the fast food joint on Reddit, leaving users in stitches and suggesting the high street is getting a posh makeover, swapping out the humble pigeon for more glamorous birds.

The cheeky peacock has become something of a local celeb at the Bangor Menai Shopping Centre’s Burger King in Wales, with some punters quipping that the bird must be racking up points on its “BK Rewards app” given its frequent visits.

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The original post on the r/CasualUK subreddit read: “It’s normally just pigeons scavenging outside Burger King.” One Redditor cracked a joke about the changing face of Britain’s high streets: “Nice interpretation of the gentrification of the high street.”

Another chimed in: “At least the pigeon put his best clothes on to go to Burger King”. However, not everyone’s a fan of the flashy fowl, as one user recounted a terrifying chase: “I have been chased by one of these once, I survived obviously, but it sure would have been a different result if I fought it, as they got talons almost as sharp as the brain of a Corgi is soft, so they got them dirks for talons.”

Yet, despite the clear jest, some users struggled to comprehend the comical comparison between the strutting peacock and the common city pigeons.

Burger King
Some Burger King restaurants attract fancier birds than others… (file)

One user took to the comments, stating: “Is everyone ignoring the fact that’s a peacock and not a pigeon?” Responding to this, another user pointed out: “The joke is that it’s ‘normally’ just pigeons outside of Burger King yet this is an atypical violation of that expectation. It’s actually the number one definition of a joke, I think, which is a set up followed by a rupture of expected progression.”

A third chimed in, tongue firmly planted in cheek: “No, we’re all 100% convinced this is a pigeon. A peacock you say? Sounds made up.”

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