Couple divide web with ‘life-ruining’ row about the way to retailer ironing board

A couple’s domestic squabble over the right way to stash an ironing board has gone viral, leaving their lives “ruined” and the internet fiercely divided.

The contentious issue of how the ironing board should be positioned inside the cupboard sparked a flurry of updates from user Trousers of Time, who kept r/CasualUK readers hooked with the ongoing spat with their significant other.

In a bid to settle the dispute, they asked fellow Redditors: “When putting the ironing board away in the cupboard vertically, which way up is the correct way up?” This ignited a fiery debate that drew in hundreds of users eager to weigh in.

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Following a nail-biting poll, the consensus was to store the ironing board with the pointy end at the bottom. The final tally stood at 26 votes for the pointy end down, edging out the 19 votes for the pointy end up, much to the annoyance of the original poster.

They lamented: “Final results time! We have 26 for pointy end down, and 19 for up. As a pointy end upper, I hate you all, you’ve ruined my life, I’ll never live this down etc. etc.” Despite being on the losing side, the disgruntled user declared a “moral victory” and vowed that the battle would continue with their partner.

The debate had users glued to their screens for hours, debating the optimal method for storing the household item. One particular suggestion, which garnered hundreds of likes, proposed that the board should be stored based on where the legs are “widest apart”.

Ironing board
Are you a pointy end upper or pointy end downer? (stock)

One individual penned: “Whichever end has the feet widest apart goes at the bottom. For the stability, innit? ” Meanwhile, another user countered that most boards have “the same width on both ends”. Some Reddit users stood by the original poster’s school of thought and insisted that the sharp end should be at the top, with a contributor remarking: “The fact this is even up for discussion is insane.”

A few tapped into “professional institutions” for their verdict, much to the displeasure of the original poster. One posted: “Iron stand at the top, because the feet extend past the pointy end so it stands on the feet. With the iron stand at the bottom, it’s resting on that stand instead of the feet. Not as relevant, but that’s also the way it is in all the hotels I stay in.” Trousers of Time responded: “Ooh, evidence from professional institutions! I don’t like it.”

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