Fitness babe shares why it is essential to put on proper dimension clothes

A fitness guru has dished out some golden advice about why you might want to consider going up a size when shopping for clothes.

After all, let’s face it, size is just a number! The online coach known as Danielle, or by her Instagram handle Kale them with Kindness, is a hit on social media thanks to her fab workout tips and tricks.

But she’s recently switched gears to chat about fashion faux pas, telling her followers not to force themselves into clothes that don’t feel right. Comfort is key, according to Danielle, so stressing over the tag in your jeans is a big no-no.

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She explained that a snug pair of jeans isn’t always a sign to hit the gym loads of factors can make your denim feel tighter. She’s all about feeling good in your own skin, which sometimes means grabbing a bigger size off the shelf.

Danielle took to Instagram to spread the word, writing: “Clothes are meant to fit YOU! ! ! We don’t need to change or mould our bodies to meet a specific size (especially since sizes vary SO much), and your clothes size literally means nothing. it does not dictate your worth.

“You’re so much more than that lovely! Always always always wearing my favourite fit jeans and they fit the BEST. My drawer is honestly full of them!”

Danielle, AKA Kale Them With Kindness, got candid about clothing sizes
She said you can look so different by sizing up sometimes

Her post has racked up over 2,800 likes, and her fans are lapping it up, flooding her comments with love and thanks for being so real about body image.

One person exclaimed: “Amen my girl! We are meant to fit INTO clothes”, while another shared their struggle: “Aghh this is so hard for me!”

A third chimed in with a positive note, saying: “Beautiful, and soft squishy bellys are the best if you ask me.”

On the other hand, a fourth person was somewhat ambivalent, stating: “Depends! I’m all for looking and feeling vomited and loving and loving the bodies we have at different stages.

“BUT sometimes those ups and downs… they are sign of bad habits and they are alerts to bring about change. Beware of the message!! I’m not sure what to do with it.”

Danielle, AKA Kale Them With Kindness, got candid about clothing sizes
Danielle doesn’t believe in squeezing into clothes

Previously, Danielle has been candid about her weight gain journey and her evolving relationship with food. There was a period when she aimed for a very thin figure, but eventually, she sought a change.

Fed up with fretting over her diet, she chose to embrace life more fully and allow herself to enjoy the foods she loves. While she maintains a balanced lifestyle, her body has naturally become fuller.

Reflecting on her transformation, she remarked: “We put so much pressure on ourselves to avoid our body changing, to look like we did when we were younger and/or look like a body we scrolled past on social media. But, bodies change.”

“And while we’ve been taught to view that negatively, it’s actually incredibly normal and OKAY. The difference between these photos isn’t just weight gain; it’s also mental growth, freedom and happiness that came from seeing food as more than just calories and ‘bad’.”

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