Racy Arsenal and Man City followers give title verdict and make attractive guarantees to followers

The Premier League is drawing to a dramatic close as Manchester City and Arsenal battle it out to lift the trophy – but it’s putting Tottenham fans in a bit of a sticky situation.

That’s because if Spurs beat second-placed City at home tonight (Tuesday, May 14), then the table topping Gunners will be in with a much better chance of claiming their first Premier League title in 20 years.

But, if Spurs lose against Man City, they could help ensure their North London rivals are pipped to the post, because the Citizens’ fate will then be in their own hands on the last day of the season. Though, who wants their team to accept defeat?

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Well, we know some of the Spurs-mad Daily Star staff wouldn’t mind. And now you’ve heard from us – what about some of the sexiest sports super fans’ verdict?

Here, we’ve turned to some models who are die-hard supporters of City, Arsenal and Spurs to get their predictions on the pending matches – and what they will do to celebrate….

Emily Brooke
Emily Brooke is standing firmly behind her beloved City

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Emily Brooke – Man City

Model and boxing champ Emily Brooke is not afraid to show her devotion to Man City by putting on a shirt with not much else – her 114,000 Instagram fans certainly lap it up.

The 24-year-old, who is the sister of fellow model and boxing big-wig Elle Brooke, is backing her team to lift the trophy. But, she understands that it will be no easy feat.

Although Emily will be jetting off on holiday for the final week of the Premier League, she’ll be backing City doing what she does best – donning a shirt and undies on social media.

Elle Brooke and sister Emily are huge Manchester City fans

Emily told us: “I think it could go either way as City have two hard games left with Tottenham and West Ham, but I’m feeling confident that we will beat both teams.

“Plus we will smash West Ham to improve our goal difference. Would have been nice for Man Utd to play decent for once and beat Arsenal.

“Will be a bonus for City if Arsenal drop some points. Unfortunately I’m not in the country for the final games so will be supporting from afar and on my social media platforms.”

Arabella Mia – Arsenal

Arabella Mia shot to fame after she covered herself with body paint outside Emirates stadium in support of Arsenal – despite facing a bit of ‘wardrobe’ mishap.

But, she’s certain that the Gunners will not be making any silly mistakes on the pitch in their last game against Everton at the weekend.

While the model hopes that Arsenal’s head will remain in the game, she hopes that City loses theirs so the Gooners can rejoice after a long 20 year wait.

Arabella is really hoping for an Arsenal win for more than one reason…

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Arabella explained to us: “I’m of course praying for City to drop points, not concerned about Spurs considering the downfall of the last 10 games or so, irrelevant to include them.

“It would be a great way to honour the Invincibles for the 20th anniversary to see Arsenal win the league.”

And if Arsenal do win the Premier League, Arabella will be honouring her team by bonking top US porn star, ‘The Girth Master’.

She revealed: “I’m filming a video with girth master in my Arsenal shirt.”

Britt – Spurs

Budding social media influencer Britt has dedicated much of her online presence to her love of Spurs.

But, now, the 26-year-old is willing to let her much-loved team lose in the name of the ‘greater good’. Britt is hoping that Spurs lose against City so they are one step closer to lifting that trophy, instead of archenemies Arsenal.

Lancashire lass Britt admitted to us: “In all honesty, I hope we don’t beat City.

Britt her beloved Spurs lose against City…

“Not getting into the Champions League next season isn’t the end of the world I think we could get a lot further if we did finish fifth and went into the Europa League instead and obviously losing to City would stop Arsenal winning the title.

“City always win I can handle that, but not Arsenal.

“And I think it would be better for Spurs anyway to finish fifth and aim for bigger things next season after the transfer window.”