Tesco prospects blast ‘ridiculous’ Olive Oil value and say ‘it have to be a combination up’

Tesco customers have been left gobsmacked by the “ridiculous” price of Olive Oil.

Many of the supermarket’s shoppers say they have been forced to use cheaper alternatives as the cost of living crisis continues.

One eagle-eyed customer spotted Tesco‘s own brand Olive Oil on sale for a whopping £7.90 and couldn’t resist sharing a snap of the eye-watering price tag on X (formerly Twitter), quipping: “Emptied my ISA for olive oil x.”

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The tweet clearly struck a chord, with another user chiming in with a cheeky quote-retweet: “Next time I go to Tesco, I am going to look the security guard straight in the eye and say don’t be a hero, bro.”

The pricey olive oil saga didn’t stop there; with it soon spreading like wildfire across social media, landing on a Facebook meme page and racking up a massive 12,000 likes.

Shoppers were quick to express their shock at the cost, with one person blasting: “They must have the labels mixed up – it should not be that much for standard olive oil that is not Extra Virgin Olive Oil!” W added their two cents, saying: “Honestly, it’s not even funny anymore. The price of simple sh*t is just beyond ridiculous. Even coffee.”

Tesco Olive Oil
Some people thought the price was a ‘mix up’

And it seems the sentiment was widespread, as another commenter lamented: “I love how staples of our diet are now luxury items.”

Despite the sticker shock, some shoppers reckon they’ve seen Olive Oil with even heftier price tags. A customer remarked: “Sainsburys Italian olive oil was £11.90 yesterday, I soon changed my mind.” Another chimed in: “That’s quite cheap for olive oil nowadays.”

Others are ditching Olive Oil for Rapeseed Oil, claiming it’s a wallet-friendly alternative, while one savvy shopper boasted about snagging a bargain on Olive Oil at discount haven B&M.

But some people say they’ve sussed out the reason behind the sky-high prices. One clued-up user explained: “Due to the heavy rains across the Mediterranean last year the olive crop was poor and that my friends is why olive oil is so expensive. There is a shortage of it in most Mediterranean countries.”

Another added : “I went to Spain a week ago the ground is too dry and they are finding it hard to grow olives, so much that drinking Cava is cheaper than buying olive oil even in Spain.”

Tesco has been contacted for comment.

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