Woman’s one-ingredient hack stops contemporary meals going unhealthy – it is a ‘life-saver’

A woman shared a ‘life-saving’ hack for getting the most out of your lemons – and it’s all about how you squeeze them.

In a video posted by @unkoshercowgirl, she revealed: “I don’t know if you know this. I didn’t know this until now. If you just want some of the juice and you want it to stay… You poke a hole in the middle of it.”

She demonstrates this by piercing the centre of the fruit with a skewer and then squeezing the juice onto her chopped avocado.

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The clip, shared on Facebook by TikTok‘s official page, racked up over 5.3million views and 165,000 likes. In the caption, they wrote: “In today’s episode of ‘I was today years old when #TikTokTaughtMe‘.”

Little hand squeeze lemon juice with a lemon juicer glass on the wood table in the kitchen. Child prepare vegetable for a healthy cooking food vegetable concept.
A woman has been praised for her ‘life saving’ lemon juice trick for cooking (stock image)

Social media users were amazed by the simple trick, with one commenting: “So basic, so utterly simple. I never thought to do it.” Another added: “Omg you’re a complete lifesaver.”

A third commented: “Not all heroes wear capes.” Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: “Never thought of it, but that totally makes sense.”

Others suggested rolling the lemon on the countertop before squeezing for even more juice. It comes after a food storage whizz shared how to keep bananas fresh and yellow for 26 days with a simple storage hack.

The key is to know your food storage tricks when it comes to fruits, veggies and other fresh products – especially bananas.

Woman hands squeezing fresh lemon juice into salad bowl on a wooden kitchen table
The hack involves poking a hole into the lemon skin to squeeze out the juice (stock image)

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The fruit can quickly turn mushy and brown if stored incorrectly. Thankfully, an expert in food storage has divulged an genius hack to prevent bananas from browning, even after 26 days.

Most banana storage tricks involve using cling film, aluminium foil or a wet tissue wrapped around the stem to preserve their freshness. However, this method involves the simple application of fruit juice.