Woman’s X-rated rant as electrical whisk will get caught in hair making pizza

A woman’s cries for help have gone viral after she got an electric whisk stuck in her hair while trying to make pizza.

Amateur cook Natalie took to TikTok where she let out an X-rated rant after trying make food for her neighbour. Covered in flour and with the kitchen gadget firmly stuck in her blonde tresses, she said: “What do I do? What the f*** do I do?”

In a state of shock, Natalie was then seen pacing her kitchen as she vented. “Oh I need to sit down, I feel like I’m going to pass out,” she told her followers. “All I was trying to do was make a f***ing pasta… I mean pizza..”

On the brink of tears, she continued: “I said to my neighbour I’d make her a pizza – she said it sounds ‘well nice’. It f***ing is, the whisk is stuck in my f***ing hair!”

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Desperate, she continued: “What do I do? It’s literally stuck. And the only way I know what’s going to happen is they’re going to have to cut it out. But it’s giving me a f***ing massive headache and I don’t know what to f***ing do.”

TikTok user Natalie Rants went viral following her culinary disaster
Natalie’s culinary disaster quickly went viral

Viewers were left in stitches – and wondering how Natalie ended up in such a predicament. One wrote: “Just asking for a friend… How good are the curls after? Would they be light an fluffy looking in texture?”

Another quipped: “That style can’t be beaten,” while a third chimed in: “I literally jumped in the comments section to help and died at the comments.”


Surprisingly, Natalie wasn’t the only one to have found herself in such a tangle – literally. A fan said: “I’ve done this before. My parents thought it was so funny they dragged the neighbours over for a look!”

Natalie later updated her followers on the ordeal, thanking one person who suggested pressing the release button on the appliance. But despite the advice, the whisks remained lodged in her locks.

She then rang the NHS’ 111 service, only to be advised by healthcare staff chopping off her hair might be the only way out.

“My mate said she might be able to come over tomorrow – she’s a hairdresser – to try and put some oil in and sort the situation out. If that’s not going to work them oh my god. You know what… I need to focus on what I’m f***ing doing.”

For those concerned about the fate of the pizza and Natalie’s hungry neighbour, she said she ended up mixing the dough by hand – and said the food was “banging”.

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