‘You do not get wealthy sitting in your bum – so I’m making fortune by shaking mine’

A mum who was once reliant on benefits has revealed how she’s planning to go from rags to riches – and urged that it’s not done by ‘sitting on your bum’.

Megan Thomson, 28, from Scotland, fell pregnant in her last year of school and at the age of just 18, became a single mum with a new born.

She managed to just about scrape by on benefits but found herself in a bout of depression due to not being able to provide the life she wanted for her daughter.

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But, Megan was “determined” that a life on the dole for herself and child was not her “destiny.” The beauty decided to phone a family member and cross the border into England to pursue a career on the pole.

Mum Megan is not one to sit on her bum and do nothing

And she’s “never looked back” since. Now, having been in the sex industry for the last eight years, the mum has transformed the lives of herself and her children.

She’s branched out from giving club dances to posting sexy content on subscriber platforms like OnlyFans. And she’s only just getting started.

“No one ever got rich sitting on their bum doing nothing – it’s 100 or nothing,” Megan declared in an exclusive chat with Daily Star.

She continued: “My goal in life is to become financially free so I can really enjoy life to the full with my family and my kids.

“I want to travel the world with them and make them feel grateful for the finer things in life. I want my daughters to look up to me and to want to have the same drive and work ethic to make money and make dreams become a reality.

The mum wants to give her family a life of luxury

“I’m going to achieve this by taking every opportunity I can and doing what it takes to make us have a very comfortable lifestyle.”

Although Megan spends her time shaking her bum and posing in lingerie to put food on the table, the full-on job not only gives her financial freedom – but means she gets to spend quality time with her kids too.

As many mothers struggle to get back into the traditional line of work post-maternity leave due to the financial burdens of childcare, this mum is able to balance parenthood and her job with ease.

Though she’s able to be at home all of the time for her kids, Megan explained that some people assume that she sits on her bum and does nothing.

But, she admitted that changing her destiny by posing for sexy snaps can be “exhausting.”

Megan is able to be there for her kids around the clock

Megan shared: “My favourite part of the job is the financial freedom. I get to be at home all the time with my children and work while they are in bed and at school.

“It’s a flexible job which I love most as I really struggle with child care and this way I don’t rely on babysitters. I just work when I can. A lot of people think you work for nothing.”

She continued: “It’s a very demanding job. You are constantly having to take new content and provide customs to people who have paid more for their own special videos.

“You are constantly having to post on different social media platforms to put yourself out there. It’s very exhausting at times, especially when I am a full-time mum so I have constant demands at home as well as on my phone.”

Megan is used to getting judged about her line of work

On her rise to riches, Megan has had to bat off bucket loads of cruel comments about who she is and what she does. Along with her “thick skin” and focus, the mum has learnt to brush off the naysayers.

The hustling mum has no time for ‘jealousy’ on her way to the top, as she concluded: “You definitely need to have a thick skin in this industry when it comes to trolls.

“You just need to remind yourself, the person who is giving you grief is obviously a hurt or damaged person or maybe even jealous.

“You’re never gonna be accepted by or please everyone in life so as long as I’m safe, happy and minding my own business making money for myself and my kids – brush it off.

“Keep focused and keep moving forward.”

You can find Megan on Instagram, here.