Bloke reveals off Christmas tattoo sleeve – after ‘inappropriate’ mishap

A bloke left people in awe after sharing his Yuletide-inspired tattoo sleeve with the world.

He shared a snap of his inkings on Reddit, and it’s since garnered a passionate response.

Being a lifelong commitment, you often have to think about something quite a lot before getting it permanently inked. But one Christmas enthusiast decided to get what devotees dub as a “vintage” Christmas sleeve, featuring classic holiday symbols such as Santa Claus, a Xmas tree, Rudolph and a bell. It’s essentially a nostalgic festive journey encapsulated within a magnificent tattoo masterpiece.

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The anonymous chap didn’t just flaunt his quirky design for admiration – he was also seeking some tips to enhance it. However, most people were simply captivated by his dedication to celebrate Christmas on his arm – they’re fully on board with his festive fervour.

Laying out his predicament, he explained: “Hello beautifully tattooed people. One artist did what you’re seeing in these photos. He turned out to be an inappropriate ***hole, so it’s taken time to find a new artist. Thursday is the day!

“Didn’t go into much depth with my original guy about filler but he threw out a concept of snow drifts, but that we’d cross that bridge once everything was done. My new guy will be tattooing the remaining images and filler.”

He continued: “I’m really stuck on what filler would enhance the images. Nothing of a snowflake filler would be appealing, so what do you envision?

“Would some sort of a cloud filler look good? I’m really stumped. Thanks for taking the time! Some photos are fresh, others healed.”

The photo sparked a flurry of comments, with hundreds of people amazed by his Christmas-themed dedication. It’s clear he wishes it could be Christmas every day.

And let’s be honest, with that tattoo, it probably feels like it is in his world. Even Santa would tip his hat to such commitment to the festive season.

One person suggested: “Maybe not all over the place but seems to me you can’t have a Christmas themed arm without any presents!”

Another chimed in with: “Tiny ornaments or Christmas lights are my first thoughts. I love it as is though too. Huh what about old timey popcorn garland, fits in with the vintage aesthetic.”

A third admitted: “I am insufferably anti-Christmas but this is absolutely DELIGHTFUL to look at!”

Meanwhile, a fourth added: “I don’t think it needs filler personally. Also, I absolutely detest Christmas, despite this I really admire your commitment to it, and I love that it brings you enough joy that you want it on your body all year round!”

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