Finger-wagging priest filmed raging at ‘foolish, impolite lady’ arriving late to mass

A priest has been criticised for calling a woman who arrived late to mass ‘evil’ and a ‘clown’ in an irate reprimand.

Father James Grant was filmed in the midst of his outburst lashing out at the churchgoer outside St Xavier’s chapel at Carfin Grotto, Motherwell, Scotland, on April 28.

An alarming 55-second video clip also shows Grant labelling the woman an “ignoramus” and a “clown” while he berates and wags his finger in her face.

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The matter is now being “addressed” by the Bishop of Motherwell, according to reports in Scotland. A spokesperson for the Catholic Bishops Conference of Scotland said: “Bishop Toal of Motherwell is aware of the incident and addressing it.”

The man of God was all worked up in the peculiar video
The man of God was all worked up in the peculiar video

The Catholic minister is first seen striding from the main door of the church, advancing towards his parishioner who approaches him.

He says: “Mass starts at 9 o’ clock. You are consistently late for Mass. You are just pure rude and ignorant. You are an ignoramus of a woman.”

Spotting that his outburst is being recorded, he subsequently confronts her saying: “Have you got it all? I look forward to seeing it on YouTube.”

The showdown took place at St Francis Xavier's Catholic Church in Motherwell
The showdown took place at St Francis Xavier’s Catholic Church in Motherwell

Father Grant’s fiery tirade persists as the woman attempts to enter the church. He says: “You are a silly, silly, silly, evil woman that’s what you are. You are just rude, rude.” Referring to the camera again, he adds: “Who are you going to show that to? You clown.”

Following this, the clergyman appears to take a swat at the woman to prevent her filming. Grant can then be seen allowing other congregants inside, prior to slamming the door in the woman’s face.

A friend of the woman, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Daily Record that Grant joined the chapel in 2020 and has been accused of intimidating congregation members.

Grant can then be seen allowing other congregants inside
Grant can then be seen allowing other congregants inside

The man stated: “This priest, who calls himself a man of God, stands on the church steps as an elderly parishioner is running late for mass service.

“He pounds her with a tirade of verbal abuse and even raises his hand to her as she tries to enter the Chapel. Father Grant is a tyrant. He abuses people and he does not care who he hurts or upsets. He shouldn’t be wearing the cloth because he is a disgrace of a man who is not fit to wear a dog collar.

“He has been abusing this lady for weeks and she has been terrified to return to the chapel since this happened. She is very upset by the situation. Motherwell diocese should want to remove him from their order.”

Father Grant declined to comment on the incident.

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