Influencer reveals off ‘actual’ physique to show ‘perfection is not actual’ in snaps

Influencer Mik Zazon is on a mission to debunk the myth of “perfection” by flaunting her natural belly.

The blogger, who has amassed over 940,000 followers on Instagram, uses her platform to normalise natural bodies and spark candid conversations about body image.

She doesn’t shy away from discussing everything from physical appearance to mental health, shedding light on the real issues many people grapple with. In a recent post, she shared photos revealing that her body, while often appearing lean and toned, doesn’t maintain this look round-the-clock.

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Mik’s tummy moves when she does, and she even sports belly hair when she chooses not to shave. She experiences bloating during her period and admits to skin picking when anxious, resulting in red marks and blemishes – just like everyone else.

The influencer emphasises that she’s human, just like her followers, and experiences the same things they do. Her goal is to remind women that social media doesn’t accurately reflect reality.

Most importantly, Mik wants to convey that looking “good” isn’t a prerequisite for feeling good about oneself. What truly matters, she believes, is learning to overcome challenges and trusting in one’s worthiness of good things.

Mik Zazon flaunted her natural body to show she isn't "perfect"
She said we shouldn’t believe everything we see on social media

Social media shouldn’t dictate our beauty standards or affect how we value ourselves, and the influencer is on a mission to spread this message. She’s all about boosting body positivity and encouraging others to embrace their natural selves.

Taking to Instagram, Mik said: “The truth is, you don’t have to look good to be good, or have your body do good things for you. And definition of looking good is an unattainable social construct anyways.

“Being picture perfect all the time isn’t real. It’s not even possible. Nor is it wanted or expected of you by the people who love you.”

Her powerful post has resonated with thousands, racking up over 40,000 likes as followers praised her for keeping it “real”.

Mik Zazon flaunted her natural body to show she isn't "perfect"
Mik even admitted to shaving her tummy

Loads of fans are also cheering her decision to ditch the razor, pointing out that body hair is totally normal and nothing to stress over.

One touched fan shared: “Why does this literally make me cry? It shouldn’t be so hard to love our bodies but it is, and this is so helpful.”

Another grateful follower posted: “The idea of having to earn love, acceptance, value is beyond. Thank you for being so brave and perfectly human.”

A third chimed in: “We need to make this a trend. Inspires me to post something similar. I love the message behind this.”

And a fourth added their voice: “Yes. Thank you for sharing and reminding us of how bodies change in context, while our worth doesn’t.”

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