Mum shares little-known grocery store hack to point out if fruit and veg will go off

A clever mum left shoppers gobsmacked with her nifty trick to slash food waste.

The shocking stats from WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) revealed Brits chuck out so many veggies annually.

In fact, nearly 3million spuds get binned every day in UK homes, as well as 1m bananas and over 2m carrots. But now you don’t need to waste your food!

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One savvy woman cracked the code to keep your greens fresher for longer. The Money Mum, famed for her Sunday Times bestseller ‘Save Yourself Happy’, is a wizard in the supermarket discount aisles and a whizz at snagging a deal.

As a personal finance guru, she’s been dishing out advice to help families during the cost of living crisis. Now, she revealed a secret to making your fruit and veg last – it’s all in the coded label.

Over on Instagram, where she boasts 440,000 followers followers, Gemma said: “Ok did you know this! A is the month so Jan. The number is the date so say the 18th. Stop getting food waste.”

An innovative woman revealed her secret to purchasing the freshest produce at Tesco. She referred to the labels on leeks in the supermarket, decoded as ‘F15’, which she clarifies corresponds to June 15.

She explained: “Want to know a hack for buying freshers food? The F is the month! So June if F, and that is month six. January would be A.”

The woman also pointed out: “It means you can buy the fresher food rather than it going off quickly – wasting food and money.”

According to an ex-Tesco worker, this coding system was taught during their tenure at the store. Using bags of mangetout as an example; one bag displaying the code A3, another showing the code A6, indicating that the letter signifies the month of the year, and the number correlates to the day of the month.

Commenting on the video, a current worker said: “Until I started working in Tesco doing the reductions. I had no idea about this. It’s such a good thing for helping reduce waste.”

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Many views echoed similar sentiments with comments like “It’s meant to stop so much waste.” Another praised: “These dates are to help with stock rotation and reduce waste.

“Too many people do not use food because of a date on the pack.”