‘Olivia Rodrigo suffered bra mishap – however saved present with angsty teen hits’

Olivia Rodrigo is surely Gen Z’s answer to pop superstardom.

We all know that Taylor Swift sits firmly as the Millennial offering to that coveted throne. But, there’s a new heartbreak anthem kid in town, mixed with a bucket load of teen angst and a crowd full of purple sequins.

So, it’s no surprise this rock-solid glitzy pop ‘rocker’ didn’t let her bra bust-up rattle her performance – even more impressive at the age of just 21.

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For her first night of three at London’s The O2 for the GUTS world tour (in honour to her 2023 banger of an album), unflappable Olivia got off to an ’embarrassing’ start – quite literally.

Olivia Rodrigo got into a bit of a pickle on her GUTS world tour in London

She managed to keep her cool!

That’s because halfway through the belter of a song that just so happened to be titled ‘love is embarrassing’, the American’s leather-look bra busted at the back.

As a dancer attempted to wrangle the material back in place, unscathed Olivia continued to sing with one hand on mic and the other covering her chest.

The song might be ’embarrassing’ by name, but there was nothing red-face inducing for the star who managed an adapted one hand dance routine and saw it through to the end of the tune like a true pro.

And, all without flashing her primarily screechy teenage girl audience.

She might only be fresh out of the Disney kid actors troop since her meteoric rise to fame in 2021, owed to hit heartbreak ballad ‘drivers licence’, but she’s already got a strong fan base – Livies – who belted out the lyrics in unison with the singer-songwriter.

At just 21, Olivia is already a real pro in the game!

The smash hit was sung elegantly behind a piano, though before Olivia kicked and stomped her way through the more upbeat punk-pop records like ‘bad idea right?’ and ‘vampire’.

Even in the first act, Olivia showed her versatility in writing and performance. But each had the same reaction from the sequin, purple tartan-clad, biker boot wearing girls she’s got in a frenzy.

And that frenzy was certainly pumped up a level after Olivia took a rather fun, but slow, spin on a ‘moon’ that hung over the crowd as she sung more of the slower beats – including song ‘logical’.
You needn’t look to know whether she had moved on the mock-up of the floating celestial object as each time Olivia hovered slightly on, the teenage girls screeched in hopes their idol gave them somewhat of an acknowledgement.

She not only commanded the crowd through her wise soul yet spunky lyrics, her impressive moon ‘stage’ but with her ‘relatability’ too.

Olivia Rodrigo
Olivia has a huge fanbase already

The audience ate it up when Olivia admitted she “loves” London and said that she stuffs her suitcase full of British delicacies – like Jaffa Cakes and Percy Pigs.

This led her nicely into ‘so american’ – a song about, well, typical Americanisms that we all know and love (or mock).

For this, she excitedly pranced around the stage in her black boots and fish nets while still maintaining her smooth and powerful voice to what sounds like a late 90s/early 2000s track from a teen flick.

At a young age, she’s been able to nail the nostalgic pop-punk tone from 20 plus years ago but injected it with a modern twist (and a whole lot of sequins).

Olivia Rodrigo
Olivia Rodrigo dominated the stage with her teen angst track list

Olivia finished the night with a rally of teen angst top charters including ‘brutal’ and ‘obsessed’ (about insecurities and ex-girlfriend infatuations) that saw her head bang with her guitar-heavy band.

After a bout of hair flipping hip thrusting – like a sexy pop star exorcism – Olivia closed the sold-out 1hour and 30 minute night with popular hits ‘good 4 u’ and get him back’.

Having earned the title of most-streamed album by a female in Spotify history thanks to first record SOUR , a world tour filled with fans in a state of hysteria and an unwavering stage presence – Olivia is certainly proving to be the most exciting pop star of this age.

It’s safe to say Olivia has got guts (no pun intended).