People discover ‘purple luggage are loaded first onto planes’ – for intelligent motive

A video was recently posted that showed red bags being loaded onto planes first.

It quickly went viral, leaving many wondering why the colourful luggage seemed to get priority onto the aircraft. This could end up being more of a curse than a blessing – as you’ll likely be the last to get your bags after landing.

So why did the red bags go first? On TikTok, people have been coming up with theories. And a frequent flyer called @idkstirling took to the social media site to share that he’d spent “two hours of research” trying to figure out why red bags were given priority.

He reckons he’s solved the mystery – noting that putting colourful luggage at the back reduces the risk of any items being “left behind when unloading”.

Generally, people thought this idea was “reasonable”. But many pointed out there was actually “zero information” to back up the claim that red bags are actually loaded first.

Fellow TikToker @djsugue did have more insight though. They suggested that “local bags are loaded first, which means you fly to your stop and you’re off and done.” Meanwhile, those with connecting flights will probably have their luggage placed closest to the door.

This is often also the case for anyone travelling with fragile items. One insider shared: “The final bags that are loaded are fragile bags and standby bags”.

In the comments section, another user claimed the red bags belonged to “flight crew”, leaving others baffled as to how this wasn’t common knowledge.

And another speculated: “Seeing that the odds of so many of the same non-designer red bags being on any flight are slim I’d say they belong to the airline to be unloaded last to different baggage terminals”.