Person’s eye color baffles the web – with nobody agreeing on the color

The internet been thrown into meltdown yet again – and it’s all over someone’s eyes.

Reddit users are scratching their heads in bewilderment after a snap of someone’s eyes went viral on the site and caused a big debate. The eye colour conundrum has sent the Reddit crowd into a frenzy, with no one able to settle on an answer.

The individual at the centre of the storm posted their eye picture with the query: “Trying to settle an argument. What is my eye colour?”

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The photo’s got everyone bamboozled as the eyes seem to be a mix of colours, sparking a flurry of guesses since it went viral.

Many people think they’re blue, but others were having none of it, as they argued the eyes were a different colour. One person even reckoned the person’s a god, gushing over the “angelic green” shade.

The dazzling shade really has caught a lot of people’s attention, and it’s definitely sparked conversation.

One commenter said: “In day to day life they read blue. They do have a teal-ish vibe to them. I have a similar thing with my eyes, but overall I still call it blue.”

While chimed in: “It’s the lighting, I personally think if you’re up close with a light you see the actual colour. If it’s dark, that’s not the true colour. Personally, the splotch doesn’t make it hazel I think it needs to be a smidge more mixed variation but I’m no expert haha.

“Since it is more central the brown I think a tiny bit central heterochromia versus hazel.”

A further person chimed in: “Not grey. My son and many family members have grey eyes. It’s close but it’s light blue. Heck even a little green where the gold and blue mix. Your eyes are lovely!”

Another added their two cents, saying: “Woah your eyes are identical to mine! I have the same question lol. I think what’s going on here is a darker blue with a slight central heterochromia.

“When you have a dark limbal ring like this the whole eye appears more dynamic and can be hard to tell.”

It’s clear that opinions vary wildly on this topic. Eye colour, it seems, is in the eye of the beholder.

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