‘Sober curious’ girl baffles as she sips tipple – however individuals spot weird behavior

A ‘sober curious’ girl has brewed up confusion as she’s spotted sipping on a Negroni at 4pm.

An attempt by a social media user to interpret the term was in full swing after a woman, known to live a “sober curious” lifestyle, captured herself enjoying an alcoholic beverage.

In the viral post, confused X (formerly Twitter) users are seen trying to understand the Instagram story of a woman who was “making the most” out of a melancholic day by the Parisian canal with her boozy tipple.

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The anonymous lady had uploaded a picture in response to a query about her day, showing her drinking a Negroni through a straw and captioning it: “Making the most out of a rainy day in Paris. I love that the sober curious lifestyle allows for a Negroni by the canal at 4pm :).”

Peter M Vernig, a certified psychologist, explained to VeryWellMind the term “sober curious” is essentially a recent “movement” encouraging folks to cut down on their booze intake or quit entirely.

He commented: “The sober curious movement is a growing group of individuals who opt to drink less or not at all as a lifestyle choice.

“The movement pushes back at the normalisation of heavy drinking and stereotypes that those who do not drink are less social or have less fun.”

Mixed responses regarding the terminology were observed among Twitter users. One person expressed his sincere bafflement by writing: “I’m earnestly trying to understand what this means,” followed by the original person sharing the screenshot penning down: “I tried for so long and gave up and posted it instead.”

Twitter users attempted to understand the meaning of ‘sober curious’ (stock)

One social media user clarified that being “sober curious” involves “limiting alcohol but not completely abstaining. However, some weren’t buying it. One person suggested: “Instead say you drink sometimes.” A second dismayed user chimed: “People need to stop this.”

Yet, the 4pm Negroni served up a few chuckles. One commenter said: “Sometimes you see something and you immediately see yourself reflected in it. That’s how I feel about this woman’s post.”

Yet the “sober curious” debacle was overshadowed by the sight of a straw in the cocktail, with a confused observer noting: “I have no idea what this means and it’s because I can’t commit any brainpower toward understanding it. I am too busy focusing on the Negroni straw.”

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