Sunak lookalike shares who would win battle with PM following ‘egging in road’

A man who looks like Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has shared who he thinks would win in a fight between the two of them.

PM Sunak is facing a tough time at the moment with his Conservative Party in a tight spot going into the anticipated upcoming election – but it sounds like that’s not the only thing he’s got to worry about. It turns out it’s not just him who’s been copping flak from angry members of the public recently.

His doppelganger, 45-year-old Sanju from Surry works in sales but moonlights as the most powerful man in the country – or at least at looking like Rishi Sunak.

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He too has been getting it in the neck from people allegedly thinking he’s the PM.

In fact, it’s become such a gag that he was even publicly “egged” at the opening of vape firm Riot Labs’ new “Flavourless Vape Shop” in Northampton, as a protest against the government’s new laws surrounding smoking.

Sanju backs himself in a scrap
Sanju backs himself in a scrap

He told the Daily Star: “I’ve had it on and off since Rishi became PM but in a likely election year and all the local elections taking place it feels like it has really ramped up.

“I get shouted at in the street, called rude words. I’ve had water thrown on me. People shout stuff out of their cars at me.

“But I’ve never been egged before so this one was a new experience. My quiff stayed intact but my suit is ruined. Hopefully, nothing the dry cleaners can’t sort.”

The PM has introduced new smoking laws (file)
The PM has introduced new smoking laws (file)

While he didn’t reveal if the heckling he receives gets on his wick, he did give the Star a little indication of how he thinks he’d get on against the Sunak in a scrap. “Well I’m 5ft9 which is taller than the real Rishi for a start,” he said. “I think he’s into his intermittent fasting so he’s definitely in shape and would have the endurance. But to be honest I think Rishi would be too scared of getting his Sambas dirty for a real scrap.”

He opened up about how he got into the lookalike business in the first place, admitting it all began when he, “started getting shouted at in the street.”

He explained: “I didn’t understand what was happening at first, it was probably back when Rishi became PM that it all started kicking off. I mentioned it to my mates and they’ve been calling me Rishi ever since.

The lookalike was egged for a stunt
The lookalike was egged for a stunt

“I decided to take it in my stride and become an official Rishi lookalike – plus I’d always been interested in politics. Personally, I think I could really help him win this election by giving the great British people what they want and listening to our people.”

Speaking about Rishi Sunak’s dodgy polling numbers, Sanju explained: “Well we’re probably in for a long general election campaign so it’s hard to say.

“But poor Rishi isn’t doing great in the polls. He’s taking a lot of stick at the moment and I can’t see that getting much better unless he brings me on board to help make this country great again.”

Sunak isn't currently doing well in the polls
Sunak isn’t currently doing well in the polls (file)

Ben Johnson, CEO from Riot Labs said of the PM’s new laws aimed at reducing child vaping numbers: “The reality of the new legislation is giving people less choice, less value and ultimately less reasons to quit smoking at all. We wanted to show that in real time.”

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