‘Upside down’ dwelling leaves Brits in awe – home hunters say it is ‘unbelievable’

Brits have been left stunned by a new property listing for an “upside down” home.

The quirky four-bed is up for grabs for £400,000 and is located in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales. Local estate agent George Estates revealed the gaff was designed by renowned architect Ifan Prys Edwards.

The listing read: “Many of the original features – cutting edge and top-of-the range for the time – remain unchanged, including the innovative music system which was built into the ceilings, property-wide intercom and hand-made patterned Italian carpets.”

Posting images of the impressive abode to Reddit‘s Spotted on Rightmove subreddit, one user captioned it: “The upside down 70s house (who needs a ground floor when you can have a massive first floor?)”.

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The home features an upper wooden deck, propped up on stilts towering over its much smaller brick base. A spiral staircase leads up to the main living quarters.

Decked out with a classic ’70s avocado green kitchen with vinyl records adorning bedroom walls, the house screams retro chic. The only nod to the 21st century appears to be a sleek flatscreen TV, one of the few recent additions.

The property also comes with its very own swanky bar nestled in the lounge corner, with a view looking out over an outdoor hot tub and garden furniture.

The chic home can be found in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales
The house features a much smaller base than its first floor

A fellow Reddit user added: “Decor aside I think it’s fantastic; bedrooms on the ground floor are likely to be cooler and darker, ample parking without taking up livable space. Upstairs rooms have greater floorspace and the windows out from the first floor will have a better/longer view.”

Another agreed: “Wow. That’s not to my taste, but the commitment to a style is amazing. Hope it goes to someone who loves the style, it would be a real pity if it fell into the hands of the greige brigade.”

A highlight of the property is its stunning bar in the corner of the living room
A stunning bar can be found in the living room

A third even claimed they recognised the property, stating: “I lived in Cardiff in the 70s, I had mates in Merthyr, went for walk past it to have a look. I think it belonged to someone famous originally, not sure who but I’m thinking a boxer for some reason, maybe Howard Winstone but Merthyr is a boxing town so maybe it’s just the association in my mind. Looks like the decor was never updated since then. Love it. Boomer out.”

Meanwhile another fan gushed: “I absolutely love every single inch of this place; I admit to being so enraptured by the decor and original features that I am not looking any further but I’m not too bothered about how a space works for me because I don’t have family to think about. There’s just way too much fabulousness here; I’d need to take a month off work just so I could look properly at all the 70s that I owned.”

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