‘We’re a part of Scotland’s largest sexy home – blokes love our attractive accents’

EXCLUSIVE: The finest Scottish models have banded together to form a collaboration that will make for the nation’s biggest horny house in history – now meet the beauties behind it

Scotland is known for many things: The Loch Ness monster, a penchant for booze and Susan Boyle.

But despite being the home of haggis and Rangers and Celtic, the northernmost country in the UK isn’t always renowned for its array of glamorous models.

Well, that is until now. That’s because a group of sexy Scottish lasses – known as the Scottish Collaboration – are banding together and forming the first horny house of the Highlands and beyond.

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Self-proclaimed ‘MILF’ and brains behind the operation, Cherry Bloom, managed to scoop up Scotland’s finest for the content creation house – where 12 models will be capturing solo and group footage.

The 42-year-old mum-of-four who juggles filming sexy clips, childcare and her NHS cleaning job told us: “My idea behind making the Scottish Collaboration was mainly to bring the girls together and try to build us a community where we can help each other.

She continued: “We all bring different things to the group and have a good range of ages in it as well. I think many of us were surprised at not just how many Scottish girls are in the industry but how many are massive creators.”

So what sets the Scottish lasses apart? Here we take a look at some of the stunning models who will be filming in the all-female all-Scottish content house…