Woman shares life-changing’ hack for mashed potatoes – with out utilizing peeler

Mashed spuds are a dinner winner but they’re a right faff to make, aren’t they?

You’re there forever, peeling and chopping before you even get the pot on. But one savvy lass reckons she’s finally cracked it.

Azure MacCannell, known as @livecomposed online, has gone viral for showing how to whip off those pesky potato skins and mash them in one fell swoop, talk about a game-changer!

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All you need is a simple cooling rack. In her video, which racked up over 22,000 likes, Azure shows us the trick with her spuds boiled skin-on and halved. After boiling, she pushes them through the cooling rack, and voila!

Color image of a young woman peeling potatoes in the kitchen of her home.
If you hate all the prep it takes to make mashed potatoes — this hack could be a game-changer for you (stock image)

The skins stay on top while the fluffy mash drops below. She said: “Can we all agree we need to stop peeling potatoes? Just boil with the skin on and push through a baking rack.”

Chuck in some butter or margarine, give it another bash and you’ve got yourself a proper lush mash. And for the skin fans out there, don’t chuck ’em! Azure suggests popping the skins in an AirFryer for a crispy treat.

The comments section on TikTok went wild for this nifty trick, with loads of people thanking her for the tip. One chuffed user gushed: “OMG! I love this idea!!! Ty for sharing! I can’t wait to do this!”

Another chuffed user chimed in: “Ooooh good idea,” while someone else said: “Did it this morning – worked so well! Thank you.”

bowl of mashed potatoes
The fluffy potatoes come out into the bowl while the skins stay on the rack (stock)

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And there’s more love for the hack as another person gushed: “Thank God for this trick because the potato ricer is truly my most hated kitchen device.”

But not everyone’s on board with the tip, with some moaning about extra washing up. One unconvinced viewer grumbled: “Sounds like an extra dish I could not wash if I just peel them first,” and another critic scoffed: “Did they stop making peelers? Lol.”