Woman thought ‘espresso beans’ had spilled – however then they began transferring

A woman had the shock of her life at her workplace when she tried to make herself a coffee and was met with a six-legged surprise.

Reddit user Echowolfe88 posted pictures of the cupboard covered in what seemed like dirt. On closer inspection however, the grime turned out to be hundreds of ants that had made the cupboard their home.

The creepy crawlies appear to have swarmed the cupboard over the weekend, with the original poster saying it was spotless on the previous Friday (May 10). They shared: “The ant situation we found at work when we went to make a coffee.”

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Shocking photographs reveal hordes of ants crawling all over mugs, coffee and other contents. Further inspection reveals shelves blanketed by the insects, and even what appear to be eggs.

The original poster noted: “The best thing about this is the fact that it’s actually in a school.” The shocking revelation has left the Reddit community gobsmacked, with one person confessing they initially thought they were “coffee grounds at first”. The original poster too initially mistook the insects for coffee beans “before it all started moving”.

Others voiced their disgust and suggested everything from employing an anteater to using a flamethrower to cleanse the cabinet. One person suggested: “Guess the next order of things logically is to get a super cute office pet, like an anteater. Maybe a flock of them.”

Ants on sugar
Not what you want in your coffee! (stock)

Another advised that one hungry anteater should be enough to take care of the problem, adding: “Anteaters can eat up to 30,000 ants in a day and most ant colonies consist of 20,000-100,000 ants. I doubt this is a fully healthy colony so it’s probably in the lower end, so 1 anteater probably deals with this issue in 1 day.”

Amid concern for their morning pick-me-up, other users were relieved to discover the team decided getting coffees out would be a “safer” bet.

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