Bloke transforms cabinet into wonderful gaming room – however followers spot important drawback

A crafty Brit turned a pokey cupboard into an epic gaming den, leaving Reddit users in awe.

The DIY enthusiast took to the platform’s DIYUK subreddit to flaunt his new den, which he branded a sanctuary from his “destructive toddler”. He explained: “I’m not great at DIY, but I converted a little closet into a small gaming space.

“A wee closet above our stairs, we weren’t using it so I converted it into a wee gaming space as a haven from our destructive toddler!”

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Before its transformation, the tiny nook was home to mundane items including a shelf, coat rail, and ironing board. But following the DIY re-do, it has now been decked out with picture frames, an electric guitar, and essential gaming gear.

The snug spot now features a TV and Xbox One console opposite a cosy bench, with special spots for headphones and controllers. A fellow gaming aficionado commented: “Really nice and a great use of the space.

“I’d be very tempted to get a steering wheel set up in there and a VR headset. It would go perfectly and you’d lose any claustrophobia.

The project looked incredible on completion
The gaming room is unrecognisable

“You could get a great mini 5.1 set up in there too for surround sound. Even add a bass transducer under the seat for extra realism.”

Other users commented on the project, with one commenter writing: “That is freaking awesome. I’m so jealous, it must have been fun to build too!”

Another added: “Honestly, good on ya. You say your not great at DIY but you did this and it looks great. Nothing needed more than a getaway from the kids and that’s speaking from experience (dad of 3 little sugar bandits).”

Meanwhile, some users pointed out potential ventilation issues. “Looks very nice, but be careful with ventilation in there with the door closed,” one wrote. “Otherwise, your performance in the game will be affected by CO2. When you keep the door closed, you will feel more sleepy, because it’s such a small space. I recently bought one of those air quality monitors and it’s surprising how CO2 shoots up in a small room with a door closed.”

Another responded: “2 vents, one at the bottom and one at the top. Air will naturally flow as hot air rises and draws cool air at the bottom.”

And a fourth explained: “Humans inhale oxygen. Humans exhale CO2. Without a proper ventilation system, you’ll inhale recycled air, mostly CO2. I needn’t say how detrimental that is to your health. Again, I stress the importance of a proper ventilation system!”

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