Britain’s 10 worst-rated Wetherspoons ranked as pub opinions chase away punters

The “10 worst” Wetherspoons in the UK have been revealed, with one Midlands watering hole comfortably at the bottom of the pile.

Wetherspoons is a massive part of the UK’s pub landscape – but few could deny that not all were created equal. Debates around ‘good’ ‘Spoons and ‘bad’ ‘Spoons have raged since the chain’s inception, but now it seems the debate might finally be able to put to bed.

New research carried out by QR Code Generator has looked at the average ratings of Wetherspoons on Google reviews. The team looked at the pubs with the highest number of “excellent” reviews on Google – and the number with the least.

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The result was a list of the 10 ‘best’ and the 10 ‘worst’ offering bargain-loving boozy Brits the opportunity to see if their local makes the list for either the right reasons or the wrong ones.

Some Wetherspoons get a bad wrap (stock)
Some Wetherspoons get a bad wrap (stock)

According to the data, the 10 worst ‘Spoons in the country according to the number of ‘excellent’ reviews are as follows:

  1. The Atrium in Birmingham, with a score of 20.19%
  2. The Albany Palace in Wiltshire, with a score of 31.76%
  3. The White Swan in London, with a score of 31.86%
  4. Grover & Allen in Suffolk, with a score of 31.91%
  5. The William Aylmer in Essex, with a score of 32.09%
  6. The Flying Horse in Gatwick Airport, with a score of 32.38%
  7. The Three Fishes in West Sussex, with a score of 32.63%
  8. The Lord Wimborne in Dorset, with a score of 33.12%
  9. The Elizabeth of York in West Midlands, with a score of 33.16%
  10. The Standing Order in Hertfordshire, with a score of 33.21%

Can't beat the value (stock)
Can’t beat the value (stock)

While some of these numbers might not be great, it’s well worth noting that these scores are subjective and largely unregulated, meaning there could be some great boozers out there that don’t have the best scores on the internet.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the pile were what appear to be the crown jewels of the Wetherspoon’s treasury – and at the top of the list is a boozer known for its relationship with the Theatre of Dreams. According to the same data, the best ‘Spoons in the UK are as follows:

Some pubs fared very well indeed (stock)
Some pubs fared very well indeed (stock)

  1. The Bishop Blaize in Manchester with a rating of 60.34%
  2. Royal Victoria Pavilion in Ramsgate, Kent with a score of 58.48%
  3. The Caley Picture House in Edinburgh with a score of 57.83%
  4. The Greenwood Hotel, Northolt, Greater London, with 57.81%
  5. Stick or Twist in Leeds with a score of 57.13%
  6. The Golden Beam is on Headingly Lane with 56.71%
  7. The William Adams in Gorleston-on-Sea, Norfolk, with 55.53%
  8. The Prense Well in Merseyside with 55.41%
  9. The Velvet Coaster in Blackpool, Lancashire with 55.07%
  10. The Buck Inn in North Yorkshire with 54.97%

'Spoons come in all different shapes and sizes
‘Spoons come in all different shapes and sizes – seen here the Royal Victoria Pavilion in Ramsgate

A spokesperson for Q.R. Code Generator commented on the findings: “Wetherspoons is a staple pub across the UK, loved by all age ranges for multiple reasons, such as the affordability, relaxed atmosphere, and consistency.

“It’s interesting to see which Spoons have the best excellent rating based on the public’s opinion and which areas of the U.K. have the highest standards of the pub chain.

The Star loves a pint down 'Spoons
The Star loves a pint down ‘Spoons (stock)

“The research reveals that pubs located on the seaside are popular within the top 10 best-rated, and it’s fascinating to see two Leed’s Wetherspoons located 1.5 miles apart placed fifth and sixth.”

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