Brits heartbroken at ‘watery’ mayonnaise after ‘steep decline’ in high quality

Hellmann’s mayonnaise fans have been left in a state of despair over the “watery sadness” of their favourite sauce.

Taking to Reddit, Brits claimed the quality of the product has steadily decreasing for months, with some threatening to swear off the product altogether. One user described a recent experience with the creamy condiment as their “final straw”, claiming the poor quality could no longer be just a coincidence.

The original post stated: “I had one bad bottle of Hellmanns mayonnaise, I put it down to bad luck. Then I had a second bad bottle, okay maybe this is just a mayonnaise curse?

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Hellmann's mayo
Hellmann’s mayo remains a classic – but some Brits are less than pleased with the ‘watery’ product (stock)

“But no, number 3 is just as sad and watery as the previous [2]. Has anyone been affected by the steep decline in mayonnaise quality?”

Some suggested alternative brands, while others tried to uncover the cause of this unfortunate turn of events. Several users suggested the drop in quality could be due to the container in which the mayo is stored. One suggested the squeeze bottles were “a bit not right,” while another claimed that the bottled version contained more water than the jarred variety.

They commented: “You’re right. The bottle has water as the second ingredient but it’s the third in the jar. The bottle also has lower egg content at 7.9% (third ingredient) compared to the jar with 8.9% (second ingredient). The bottle also has sunflower oil which the jar does not.”

The original poster was hardly consoled, replying: “I usually use the squeeze bottles and my feral family can’t be trusted with jars. Always crumbs in the jar…” However, they later caved and decided to give a jar a go.

They wrote: “I have bought a jar of Heinz mayonnaise, I hope it’s good!”

Meanwhile other users were less convinced by the jar-bottle debate and thought the dip in quality was probably a sign of tough times in the UK. One user lamented: “i noticed all mayonnaise has gone like this this past 6 months, from everywhere, every brand and supermarket own, except hellmans in a jar. thats still nice and thick. expensive asf but thick.”

The original poster couldn’t help but agree: “What has this country come to that even mayonnaise is declining..”

Hellmann’s has been contacted for comment.

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