Daily information to what the celebs have in retailer for YOU – May 16, 2024

95 years ago, the movie ‘Wings’ won best picture at the first Academy Awards

Today, as Mars move to align with Jupiter, the cosmos encourages us to soar high and explore new horizons. The rewards will be more subtle than gold statuettes! 

But even if material success is elusive, spiritual gains can be made. And they’ll be much more satisfying. When we feel fulfilled about our role in life, we spread joy.

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(March 21 – April 20)

People have been searching for the key to immortality for hundreds of years. But even if someone manages to find it, it’s not going to be much use unless they also discover the secret to eternal youth. The thought of living forever with an ever-more-worn-out body doesn’t sound appealing. But the thought of endlessly dealing with teenage hormones doesn’t appeal either! What we really need is to feel as if we’re making the most of our time here. As your ruler links with lucky Jupiter, you can expect to enjoy yourself.

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Oscar Cainer (pictured) tells us that today, as Mars move to align with Jupiter, the cosmos encourages us to soar high and explore new horizons

Oscar Cainer (pictured) tells us that today, as Mars move to align with Jupiter, the cosmos encourages us to soar high and explore new horizons


(April 21 – May 21)

With Mars and Jupiter moving to converge in your sign, expect chances to take and opportunities to explore. Some of them might not take you far, but some have a lot of potential. So, your task is to give yourself the space to take advantage of what pops up. Which means being prepared to move into uncharted territory. If that feels unsettling, don’t worry. Just because you’re uncertain doesn’t mean you’re doing something you’ll regret. If you keep taking baby steps, and do your best, this is going to be fun.

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(May 22 – June 22)

It’s not always easy to work out whether we’re following our hearts or responding to an inner voice of concern. Messages are constantly to-ing and fro-ing in our minds. How are we supposed to work out which ones to focus on and which to ignore? Doesn’t it depend on our mood? And isn’t our mood based on emotions – which are just as important as the messages we’re trying to comprehend? Today brings the clarity to discern what the ‘real you’ needs. Once you’ve recognised that, you can find a way to bring it into your life.

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(June 23 – July 23)

Can you imagine what the world would be like if you could look at it with a child’s mind? Would you be amazed at the extraordinariness of the clouds? Would you notice people’s kindness? Would you be excited by the opportunities to have fun? With all its challenges, life on planet Earth has an effect on our attitude. It’s easy to feel lacklustre. And you’re still recovering from a disappointment. The good news is that the link between dynamic Mars and lucky Jupiter brings an event that can restore your enthusiasm. Yay!

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(July 24 – August 23)

Surely there’s an easier/faster way to get to your destination? What’s going on? Has your internal Satnav taken you the wrong way? Have you missed a shortcut? It’s like you’re stuck somewhere between where you were and where you need to be. This might be a psychological journey (rather than a physical one). But whatever it is, it’s frustrating. As Mars moves towards a link with inspiring Jupiter, it reboots your batteries. No matter what’s troubling you, and how disempowered you feel, a solution is on its way.

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(August 24 – September 23)

I was watching a cookery show and one of the Michelin-starred chefs shared that they only eat cornflakes for breakfast. At that time of the day, the last thing they feel like doing is creating something to eat. We all need reassurance rather than challenge sometimes. And when we’re vulnerable, we stick to what we know – which is why we all have our comfort foods. Today when something surprising appears, don’t be too nervous to give it a try. It might be an acquired taste. But it will nourish you, in more ways than one.

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(September 24 – October 23)

If one good turn deserves another, what are we supposed to do about ‘bad turns’? When we receive negative energy, are we meant to give it to someone else? What we know, for sure, is that before we react, we need to be certain about the nature of the ‘turn’ being done to us. You’re involved in a complicated situation and worrying about how it’s going to affect you. Yet despite the challenges, someone is doing you a good turn. It might not be intentional, but it’s going to help you along your way. In the meantime, relax.

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(October 24 – November 22)

We know energy can’t be created or destroyed; it can only be transformed. And since everything is made of energy, money demonstrates this theory perfectly; we have some, and we use it to purchase something. Voila! But if it can’t be destroyed, why do so many of us feel a lack of it? Some people say that if we believe we can be prosperous, money will make its way into our world. It’s more complicated than that. But if we count happiness as a quality that enriches our lives, if you think positive today, you’ll feel emotionally wealthy.

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Even if material success is elusive, spiritual gains can be made. And they'll be much more satisfying. When we feel fulfilled about our role in life, we spread joy

Even if material success is elusive, spiritual gains can be made. And they’ll be much more satisfying. When we feel fulfilled about our role in life, we spread joy


(November 23 – December 21)

When we’ve known someone for ages, and then discover something unexpected about them it can be discombobulating. But even our closest friends have aspects to their character that we don’t know about. As dynamic Mars moves towards your ruler, Jupiter, it brings the energy to process unfamiliar thoughts and ideas. You’ve discovered something about someone that has surprised you. It’s made you feel slightly uncomfortable. But if you can reset your expectations, your learning will enrich your relationship.

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(December 22 – January 20)

Whether it’s playing an instrument, or doing a Sudoku, we get good at what we practice. Which means we must all be very good at sleeping! Unless of course (like me) we’re not very good at that. Which must mean we get good at not sleeping (which isn’t so good). Some of our less-than-desirable habit patterns need to be replaced with other/better patterns that will (hopefully) turn into good habits. As Mars moves to meet Jupiter, it brings a chance to reflect on your established routine. If you need to instigate change, you can!

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(January 21 – February 19)

We’ll never know if Michelangelo sketched his work on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel before getting his paintbrush out. But the advantage of using a pencil is clear; the work can be changed before the application of paint. As Mars, your traditional ruler, moves to meet Jupiter, it’s an invitation to think about your vision of the future. Is your picture already painted in oils? Or is it a light sketch, which is open to influence? There are possibilities opening to you now that you haven’t legislated for. Be ready to adapt today.

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(February 20 – March 20)

Dress rehearsals are an essential part of any staged performance. They’re an opportunity for the actors/singers to run through the work in its entirety before having to deal with a live audience. You’ve been preparing for an important event on the stage of your life. You know what you need to do. Now, as Mars prepares to link to Jupiter, it’s the moment to turn your imaginings into reality. Do you feel ready? Of course not! Will everything go to plan? It’s unlikely! Nevertheless, get ready for the applause. You’ve got this! Go!

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