Fork persona take a look at can inform you a large number about your character in seconds

A TikTok user has claimed the type of cutlery you choose can reveal a lot about your personality.

Many don’t give a second thought to the style of knife and fork they use when eating their meals. However, it’s our subconscious choice could be more revealing than we think.

According to psychology enthusiast Odd. Ballz (@odd.ballz) on TikTok, each design hints at something deep within us. So what will the personality test say about you?

The TikToker posted a simple image of four forks lined up on a table. At first glance, the differences between them may seem insignificant, but a closer look at their handles reveals a lot.

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The smallest fork, on the left, has a dotted, rounded border following its outline before breaking away towards the prongs. Next to it is the largest fork, which stands out due to its rounded edges and basic design without any pattern.

Finally, two square-handled forks are included in the line-up. While the one on the left doesn’t have any pattern, its neighbour boasts a very intricate swirly design.

So what do they mean? The psychology fan said: “Fork one – this fork is more ornate with detailed patterns etched into its handle. Those who choose this fork may have a flair for the arts and a great appreciation for beauty.

“They are often creative, expressive and have a rich inner life. Fork two – this is a fork that’s sturdy and simple with no embellishments. If you choose this fork, you likely appreciate functionality and efficiency above all else. You may have a down-to-earth and practical personality.”

The TikToker described fork three as a ‘modern’, ‘minimalist’ and ‘avant-garde’ piece of cutlery, suggesting it’s almost a trend-setter, breaking away from the norm. Opting for this fork could indicate you’re forward-thinking and open to new ideas.

Those who are inventive and curious might gravitate towards it, the video suggests, particularly if they enjoy challenging the status quo.

The video continues: “Fork four – this fork is antique and has a touch of nostalgia to it. If you choose this fork you likely have a deep appreciation for history, tradition and the wisdom of the past. You might be thoughtful, reflective and enjoy meaningful conversations.”

This quirky cutlery conundrum has since amassed thousands of comments on TikTok, leaving users split over which fork reigns supreme. One user commented: “I picked one because it looked like it weighed less…I don’t like heavy forks,” while others chimed in with: “Two, why pick another one? “, and: “Picked four cus it looked thicker.”

However, some users were not taken in by the reasoning for each item. One user claimed: “The description is wrong… none of this makes sense,” with another adding: “It depends on what I am eating!”