Fox News Hosts Go Into Full-Blown Meltdown Mode Over Biden-Trump Debate Deal

Fox News hosts are freaking out after President Joe Biden challenged Donald Trump to a debate and the two quickly agreed to meet twice between now and Election Day.

The first debate will be next month on CNN, the second will be in September on ABC.

While Trump pushed for a Fox News debate, it didn’t happen ― and the network’s hosts are in meltdown mode as a result.

Sean Hannity attacked CNN’s Jake Tapper, who will be one of the moderators, as a “radical left-wing partisan,” demanded that moderators mics get cut off so they can’t fact-check Trump, then launched into some wild conspiracy theories about Biden.

He claimed Biden will take a “heavy dose” of “whatever he took before the State of the Union” to win the debate. He also said Biden is “secretly” trying to get Trump to cancel:

The right-wing network’s Laura Ingraham went full Opposite Day by saying Trump can be calm and presidential, while Biden is prone to ranting.

“So all Donald Trump has to do is stay calm, and stay calm during the entire debate, and let Biden rant and rave, because Scranton Joe is looking and sounding meaner and more petty by the day,” Ingraham said. “And then Trump, by comparison, he easily appears presidential, cool, confident and ― yeah ― possessing a lot of common sense.”

Meanwhile, Jesse Watters almost sounded impressed by Biden’s crack about Trump’s packed court calendar.

“Let’s pick the dates, Donald,” Biden said in his video challenging Trump. “I hear you’re free on Wednesdays.”

“Wooooooooow! The day the Democrats aren’t tying him down in court,” Watters said. “That is some Dark Brandon.”

But Watters, too, had a ton of problems with the debate conditions, moderators, networks and more ― and had some conspiracy theories of his own, such as a claim that Biden scheduled the debates early to fight shadowy Democratic “kingmakers” looking to replace him.

And like Hannity, Watters claimed Biden will be “shot up” with something to enhance his performance.