‘It’s regular to have cellulite – ladies ought to strip off and flaunt it like I do’

Most of us have cellulite, even if we don’t like to admit it.

Perhaps that’s why one woman made the decision to celebrate hers and show it off. Ariella Nyssa is a body positive influencer who’s known for sharing self-love advice, which is why she boasts more than 730,000 Instagram followers.

Recently she opened up about the sort of comments she’s received about her body, and admitted people can troll her because of her cellulite. The model is celebrated for opening up about her body image issues candidly, but she sometimes receives backlash.

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Even so, she’s determined not to let the negative comments get her down, so she clapped back in the best way she knew how by sharing a video of herself strutting her stuff in a bikini.

She wants to show people it’s completely normal to have so-called “imperfections” like cellulite, so it’s important to embrace them. Nothing will stop her from slipping into stunning bikinis.

The beauty wants people to embrace the skin their in and celebrate their bodies in their individuality and entirety.

Ariella Nyssa won't hide her cellulite for anyone
The natural beauty proudly showed off her bod

Writing on Instagram, Ariella said: “I’ve had my fair share of comments about my cellulite. And trust me I’ve heard it all.

“Some times it even makes me want to stop posting photos like this. To give in to what society deems as unachievable expectations of beauty. To hide. To cover up.

“But, the only way to show people this is normal is to post it. So this post is for every woman who has been told their cellulite is too much. That it’s something they should be insecure about.

“Because it’s NORMAL. And it’s a beautiful part of myself that I never want to hide out of embarrassment or shame. It’s NOTHING to be ashamed about. It’s imperfect. Just like each and every one of us. Let’s make THIS normal.”

Ariella was praised for her honesty on social media with over 22,000 likes on the post. Admirers expressed their appreciation of her candidness concerning body image, endorsing her message of self-love and confidence.

Ariella Nyssa won't hide her cellulite for anyone
People love how authentic Ariella’s content is

One follower said: “Your account was one of the first body positive accounts that made me start questioning. It made me realise the media and society use our bodies against us and try to shame us into believing that what they post is ‘normal’ anything outside of that is to be hidden or worked on and then they try to sell us the ‘solution’ to a problem they created.”

While another added: “Your body and bum is like mine! When I see your posts I think ‘wow she looks so good! ‘ And then realize that I look good too! Don’t stop posting.”

A third chimed in: “You are absolutely right, for a woman no matter how she behaves, there is always cellulite and that is normal. You should not judge a woman only by her body, but by the inner beauty of her heart and soul.”

A fourth comment also read: “Don’t hide. Don’t cover up. You’re beautiful and an inspiration for me to love myself more. You are stunning. Thank you for sharing your everything with us.”

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