Conor McGregor’s dad rushed to hospital

UFC champion Conor McGregor’s father Tony suffered a terrifying health scare on Thursday May 16, when he was raced to hospital after experiencing a suspected heart attack. The 64 year old Irishman initially knew something wasn’t right when he began to experience chest pains and was soon whisked off to The Hermitage Clinic in Dublin for investigation and treatment.

As news of the scary incident began to circulate, fans were understandably concerned for Tony’s wellbeing, however he has since made an appearance on social media to put any worries to rest, as he revealed he had suffered a heart attack and undergone a successful stent procedure to correct the issue.

Sharing a snap on Instagram from his hospital bed, Tony appeared comfortable in his pyjamas as he rested following the procedure, with the doting dad even telling his followers: “Heart attack in the morning, stent in the afternoon, sweet (and) sour chicken in the evening. See ya later suckers”, is what he quipped online. He even threw in an accompanying tune on the post, ‘I’m Feelin’ It’ by Sunset Bros and Mark McCabe, for good measure to show everything was in order.

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Tony later gave an update to concerned fans on social media as he let them know he was okay following the fitting of an emergency stent
Tony later gave an update to concerned fans on social media as he let them know he was okay following the fitting of an emergency stent

Word on the street from TMZ is that Conor, the ex-two-weight world champ, was right there with the family giving Tony support at his bedside after the hospital dash. Tony and his son share a close bond, and he has been Conor’s rock since the very beginning, getting him into kickboxing early on.

While Conor was grafting as a plumber before he hit the big time in the octagon, Tony was doing whatever jobs needed doing to keep the family afloat, reports the Mirror. And he’s hardly missed any of Conor’s massive UFC showdowns since.

This little health wobble comes just as we’re counting down to Conor’s big comeback fight against Michael Chandler at UFC 303 in Vegas. It’s been nearly three years since Conor’s leg went kaput against Dustin Poirier, and over four since he floored Donald Cerrone in less than a minute.

McGregor, who had a titanium rod inserted in his leg following a break in his previous fight, has pledged to use it to knock out Chandler in their upcoming bout. The American fighter believes he packs a stronger punch than McGregor, as he expressed to Shawn Ryan: “I am the better fighter, I am the tougher fighter and I’m the guy who deserves it more. I don’t need to be getting into a firefight with a guy who has got a bigger rifle than me.”