‘Embarrassing’ Tim Scott Gets Stark Reminder After Latest Toadying To Trump

Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) on Sunday drew scorn and mockery on social media following his latest pandering to former President Donald Trump.

Scott, who is rumored to be a potential running mate for the presumptive GOP nominee, repeated on Fox News the baseless claim that President Joe Biden was “jacked up” during his State of the Union address.

The senator then heaped praise on Trump, telling host Maria Bartiromo he ”doesn’t need a teleprompter, he doesn’t need notes, he is just strong as can be because he’s fighting for the American people and they know it.”

“They can smell it and we can see it,” he added.

Critics on X (formerly Twitter) reminded Scott of the many times Trump has used a teleprompter.

Scott’s claims were “approaching North Korea levels of ridiculous lies,” said one commenter. His “prostration to Trump is so embarrassing,” added another.

Since Scott dropped out of the GOP presidential primary race in November, he has become a sycophantic supporter of the four-times-indicted ex-POTUS.

In January, he told Trump on stage: “I just love you.”

The following month, the lawmaker dodged a question on whether he’d have certified President Joe Biden’s 2020 win if he had been vice president.

And only earlier in May, Scott swerved NBC anchor Kristen Welker’s repeated questions on accepting the 2024 election result. Instead, he only committed to saying Trump will win.