Man finds hidden ‘historic artefacts’ in false ceiling – however persons are offended

A Brit who uncovered a stash of “ancient artefacts” hidden in a false ceiling at work has left people divided.

Posting to Reddit, the bloke shared a photo of his discovery to the CasualUK subreddit, captioning it: “Found these ancient artifacts in a false ceiling at work. Think they’re circa late 1900s.”

His estimate wasn’t far off – among the haul were a retro can of Pepsi and a packet of Benson & Hedges cigarettes dating back to the end of the 20th century. “Late 1900s… I mean you’re not wrong but way to make us feel like absolute relics,” quipped one Redditor.

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Another chimed in: “What?! It’s not some f***ing ancient artefact! I was born in the ‘circa’ late 1900s! That pack of smokes, not saying ‘Gold’ at the bottom, I’d say early 90s.”

And a third remarked: “Talk about a way to phrase something for maximum offence, surprised he didn’t say in the mid Elizabethan period.”

Some armchair historians on the thread tried to pinpoint when exactly these items might have been left in the building. “Pepsi changed the logo font between 1985 and 1987, so this one with the sharp edges on the ‘E’ is from between 1971 and 1987,” one user said.

Another added: “It’s the 1972 logo, replaced in 1991. I’m gonna go with 1990 based on the cig packet as I smoked at school and the can shape changed before the logo, early 90s too.”

And a third agreed: “The 1991 change was to the entire logo, whereas the font for the word Pepsi was changed slightly a few years earlier.”

Meanwhile, others drew parallels to more modern traditions the discovery reminded them of. “This is the original ‘meal-deal’,” one quipped, referring to the popular lunchtime option.

“Breakfast of champions,” concurred another. “My Mum used to smoke those cigarettes, nostalgic memories of filled ashtrays stolen from Pizzaland,” a third reminisced.

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