Gazza responds to ‘second finest Oasis star’ Noel Gallagher over Foden comparability

Paul Gascoigne put the boot into Noel Gallagher for saying Phil Foden is “three times” the player he was – by hailing Liam a better singer.

Noel declared on talkSPORT radio that Man City’s young superstar was “more dynamic” and “quicker” than the England legend was.

When asked which of the two was the best Noel, 56, replied: “Phil Foden. Maybe there’s not much between them now but five years from now Phil Foden will be three times the player Gascoigne was.”

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Gascoigne, 56, who scored 10 goals in 57 matches for England, told the elder of the Oasis brothers to “get a grip”.

“Foden is an unbelievable player but not a Gazza, put it that way,” he said.

“Anyway Liam Gallagher is twice the singer you would ever be. So get a grip Noel.”